JoAnn Loulan reacts after Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives (Zach Gibson/Getty)

I joined BBC radio and TV outlets on Wednesday to assess the significance of the results in the US midterm elections.

The takeway? Propelled by a surge among groups such as youth and women, this is a wave for a better way forward on issues like healthcare, immigration, and civil rights — and against the divisive approach of Donald Trump.

How far can the wave rise?

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Rather than simply trying to bash Trump, the Democrats need to go positive. The #1 issue for Americans is healthcare. If the Democrats focus on delivering, rather than just getting Trump out of office — well, they’ll take care of him by focusing on the positive.

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Trump has put out some very divisive, damaging rhetoric. Beyond Republican and Democrat, I think many Americans — myself included — are looking for a better, decent way to talk to each other rather than shout at each other.