In our weekly 15-minute journey across TrumpLand, I spoke with Alexis Conran of talkRADIO about an angry and frightened Donald Trump lashing out at Democrats, the media, California, and — most significantly — the Trump-Russia investigation of Robert Mueller.

We start with a summary of Tuesday’s elections: “If this continues until 2020, Democrats will take both houses of Congress and Donald Trump will be out on his backside if he makes it that far.”

Then we move to Trump’s reaction from his bizarre press conference to the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his replacement with political operative Matthew Whitaker, and the further surge in the “blue wave” as final Congressional results are confirmed.

The Democrats are not trying to take the microphone from Donald Trump right now because rather than shifting the narrative in his favor, he’s making things worse for himself.

We look forward to more fallout from Whitaker’s chequered background, overtaking the effort to shut the Trump-Russia investigation, from Trump’s refusal to honor the US military during his visit to France, and the inquiries into Trump’s finances and payoffs over his sexual encounters as well as his Russian links.

Listen from 1:55 in 1730-1800 Segment