Donald Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort at the Republican National Convention, July 21, 2016

UPDATE, NOV 29: I spoke with Austria’s Radio FM4 on Tuesday about the reported meetings between Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, and the possible connection with the Trump-Russia investigation.

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TrumpWatch, Day 678: Trump-Russia-WikiLeaks Investigation Widens

On Monday, the Trump-Russia investigation, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, said former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had broken a plea bargain agreement by lying to them about various matters.

David Dunn speaks with BBC Radio Foyle on Tuesday about the significance for Manafort, who will now be sentenced over 10 tax and fraud charges, and for the investigation as it draws closer to Donald Trump.

TrumpWatch, Day 677: Trump Frets Over Russia Investigation Amid Manafort Revelations

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