Nikki Haley with Donald Trump, Oval Office, White House, October 9, 2018

I spoke with BBC Radio Foyle on Wednesday morning to assess the sudden resignation of Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN.

Why is she leaving? What does this say about the Trump Administration and US foreign policy?

And will we see Ivanka Trump as the US representative in New York? (No.)

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I think there are two factors in play. One is that there is a bit of friction between her and the National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

But I think the overriding reason is that Nikki Haley is a politician. She is keeping her options open to run for the Presidency, if not necessarily in 2020 then in 2024.

She ruled out a run in 2020 for the moment, but if Donald Trump falls from power next year — and that’s not a far-flung possibility — then everything is wide open.

TrumpWatch, Day 628: Why Did Nikki Haley Resign?