In our latest 20-minute journey across Trump-Land, I joined Alexis Conran and former Conservative MP Rob Wilson on talkRADIO on Saturday for a discussion of whether the economy can save The Donald from the clutches of the Trump-Russia investigation.

We begin by assessing the significance of the “flip” of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, to testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

TrumpWatch, Day 603: Manafort Pleads Guilty, Cooperates With Mueller Over Trump-Russia

Then I take on Rob Wilson’s case that Trump won’t be impeached or forced resignation because he can present his base with an “economic miracle” — a case with question marks not only over its accuracy but also over the legal challenge that it faces.

Along the way, the conversation touches on other self-made obstacles for Trump, including his reduction of 2,975 deaths from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to a political plot misrepresenting those who died from “old age”.

Listen from 0:52 in 1730-1800 Segment