I joined Paul Ross of talkRADIO on Friday for our 20-minute Week in Review, travelling from the turmoil of Brexit Britain to a respite — for at least a short period — from the Assad regime’s destruction in northwest Syria.

First we look at the impossible Brexit position of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, caught between the European Union’s rejection of her Chequers Plan and the hardline Brexit-ers in her Conservative Party who want to remove her. We consider the key points of trade arrangements and the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland to project a “No Deal” in March 2019.

We should have known this 27 months ago, but as we get to the homestretch before Britain leaves the EU, it’s becoming clearer. You cannot keep one foot in the European market and one foot outside it.

After a look at the UK Labour Party’s own political difficulties over Brexit, we move to Syria to explain the Turkey-Russia agreement sparing 3 million people in northwest Syria from a Russian-regime offensive.

For the moment we have a partition of Syria. We’ve got three different areas: Assad has much of the country but 1/3 is held by the Kurds in the northeast. And then you have this area in the northwest, with about 25% of the population of Syria, in the hands of the opposition.

Listen from 11:10 in 1600-1630 Segment