UPDATE, AUGUST 9: I spoke further with the BBC World Service on Wednesday about the electoral outcomes and what they mean for the Republican and Democrat parties and for US heading towards November’s mid-term contests:

In each state — whether you’re talking about a Nevada or a Michigan (where the first Muslim-American woman in Congress is likely to be elected) — we’re seeing people thinking about their own approaches to health care, the economy, gun control, multiple issues.

And that makes this more than a referendum on Donald Trump. It’s a referendum on the future of America.

Listen to Discussion

I spoke with Rosemary Church of CNN International on Wednesday morning about the state of elections held in several US states, including a bellwether vote — still not resolved — for a Congressional seat from Ohio:

The conversation looks beyond the immediate results to consider the significance for November’s mid-term elections, including:

1. Is this a referendum on Donald Trump? (Well, there’s a lot more involved than that.)
2. Is Trump right in his Twitter claim that he brought GOP victories? (“Trump crows and says the sun shines.”)
3. Is this the Republican Party or the Trump Party now? (Hmm….)
4. What will happen in November? (“Those who make predictions are braver than I.”)