Professor David Dunn of the University of Birmingham spoke with BBC Radio Scotland on Tuesday afternoon about the problems for other countries caused by US sanctions on Iran.

The Europeans regard the Iranian nuclear deal as a hard-won diplomatic victory for the international community which is trying to give Iran a stake by engaging in trade with it, in exchange for restraint in Iran’s nuclear program.

And they don’t want to lose that. What they are trying to do is not just keep the benefits of trade going, but keep Iran locked into the deal.

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With the US implementing widespread sanctions on Monday on Iran, following withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal in May, I spoke with Austria’s Radio FM4 about the political and economic situation inside the Islamic Republic.

The effect of the American sanctions will not be as much as to overthrow the Supreme Leader tomorrow. It will be to set off factional fights within Iran between hardliners and centrists, with — I think — hardliners seizing more authority in the short-term.

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