In our latest 20-minute weekly review, I chatted with Paul Ross of talkRADIO on Friday about the UK Labour Party’s turmoil, the looming Brexit abyss, and the latest news from Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Listen from 8:09 in 0100-0130 Segment

Our chat starts with the resignation of Frank Field, a Labour MP since 1979, to resign the party whip and try to hold his seat as an Independent. How much does this add to Labour’s troubles over anti-semitism? And how much does it indicate about in-fighting that may be undermining the party’s ability to function as an effective opposition, let alone take power?

Jeremy Corbyn is looking like a Labour Party leader who is on the defensive. And he’s not even very good at being on the defensive — at a time when the ruling Conservatives continue to offer huge opportunities to Labour (and everyone else) through their complete bumbling on Brexit.

That topic of ineffective opposition adds to our downbeat chat about the latest UK stumbles towards the March 2019 deadline with the European Union.

These are dangerous times. It’s one thing for a Government to be going into a departure from the EU with almost no viable economic or social planning. It’s another for there to be no credible alternative put up by someone in a position to do so.

And, unfortunately, we can only see even worse with the impending pro-Assad assault on the last opposition area in Syria, Idlib Province.

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