In our latest review of the week, I speak with Paul Ross of talkRADIO about the UK’s latest Brexit crisis, developments around Donald Trump, and the latest phase of the war on Syria’s civilians.

The chat begins with a look at the UK’s “politics within politics”, the battle within the May Government which is precluding any coherent preparation from departure from the European Union. As usual with Brexit, we are a bit sceptical about whether Prime Minister Theresa May — or her opponents — will finally establish a starting point for detailed talks with the Europeans.

As soon as officials tried to patch something together two years ago, the politics kicked in. Rather than any sensible plan in the departments, there was maneuvering and politicians staking out positions that precluded any joined-up thought.

Then it’s to Washington to assess the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt (see separate entry), and to anticipate the “welcome” — including a giant Man-Baby balloon — of Donald Trump to the UK next week.

We conclude by noting the displacement of 320,000 people in the latest pro-Assad offensive, enabled by Russia, in southern Syria (see separate entry).

Listen from 11:04 in 0300-0330 Segment