Podcast: Week in Review — Brexit Shock Wave Looms, Israel’s Relegation of Arab Citizens, and Labour’s Anti-Semitism Issue

In our 20-minute weekly review of events in the UK, I spoke on Friday with talkRADIO’s Paul Ross about the latest political turmoil over Brexit, Israel’s legislation to relegate Arab citizens to second-class status, and the opposition Labour Party’s ongoing difficulty with allegations of anti-semitism.

Listen from 13:42 in 0100-0130 Segment

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers plan is dead in the water. The Government will say that this still allows them a negotiating approach with the European Union, but the hard Brexiteers have shot that down.

That leaves us with two choices: either we get a moves towards, if not a second referendum, a substantial shift to re-look at the relationship with the EU or there is No Deal.

And right now No Deal is the clear favorite. By March 2019 I think everything will fall apart, and then you will not only get the economic fallout. Theresa May will fall, and there will be another General Election….

You can see a shock wave coming from off the coast and there is no lifeguard on hand. And I don’t know if one is going to show up.

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