I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Briefing and BBC outlets about Donald Trump’s performance at the Helsinki Summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, including Trump’s endorsement of Moscow’s policies and his preference for Putin over US intelligence agencies:

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Are we in the position where Donald Trump, because of his ego or because he is compromised, is Vladimir Putin’s Manchurian Candidate?

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A heated discussion with Trump supporter Charlie Wolf:

I don’t believe in cheerleading Trump. I don’t believe in trashing John Kennedy and John McCain.to cover up. This is a serious situation which transcends cheerleading and trashing — this is the most serious time for the US and the world since 1945.

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The US President is now working for the Kremlin.

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No matter how bad Donald Trump has been, the Republicans in Congress have decided they cannot separate from him. But at what point do you decide that your political future is more important than a defense of US national security?

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Whether because of his ego, because of his admiration for Vladimir Putin, or because he is compromised by the Russians, Donald Trump has effectively sided with Vladimir Putin against his own agencies, against American allies, and against the US system.

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Russia has been using Trump to try to get leverage with Europe, to get space for its own approach.

We have stacks of evidence about Russian intervention [in the 2016 US election], including the indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers last Friday. We have several people in the US who have been convicted or indicted on charges related to this case.

But Donald Trump has dug himself in. He sees this as a personal affront.

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This is a step in the right direction for Vladimir Putin. For everyone else, this is perhaps the most serious moment since 1945.