I spoke with Emma Nelson of Monocle 24’s The Globalist on Tuesday morning about the latest ill-fated attempt of Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani to make the Trump-Russia investigation go away.

Far from effectively putting down challenges from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, Giuliani appeared to acknowledge that a Trump-Russia collusion — which is not illegal, Giuliani explained — may have taken place. He bolstered that by verging on the revelation of a meeting of top Trump advisors on June 7, 2016, two days before three Kremlin-linked envoys showed up in Trump Tower to discuss the provision of material damaging to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

While we’re all scratching our heads about this today, the Special Counsel is lining up more evidence like ducks in a row to tie Donald Trump to the Russians.

Listen from 1:27: