UPDATE 1345 GMT: I spoke with Turkey’s TRT World about this week’s Supreme Court hearings on Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” and the chances that the Court will prevent implementation of the ban on US entry for citizens of six mainly-Muslim countries.

The conversation also notes Trump’s falsehood that the ban is justified to prevent terrorist attacks.

I joined CNN International on Monday to discuss Donald Trump’s latest tactic over detention of children separated from undocumented immigrant parents — a declaration that all legal processes for those crossing the border should be suspended (see today’s TrumpWatch) — and to put it into a wider context about the Administration’s quest for unchecked power.

This is their strategy — “if we continue to crack down, no matter what the legal issues are, no matter what the cost is to children and parents, we’ll win in November’s Congressional elections.

Which means they are not going to apologize. They are not going to back down.

They think that, if they win in November, their belief that the courts are not important, that they can go around Congress is justified.

In other words, these elections are much more than a vote on an individual Representative or Senator, even more than a vote on the immigration issue. It is a question about the extent of the Trump Administration’s power.

This is a battle for the soul of America.