I joined Alexis Conran and former MP Lembit Opik on talkRADIO on Saturday for our weekly irreverent survey of TrumpLand.

The 15-minute discussion begins with the reality of the discussions between North Korea and South Korea beyond Donald Trump trying to seize the credit for maneuvers which have more to do with local and regional politics and economics, both now and in the future: “Just because the rooster crows doesn’t mean he makes the sun shine.”

Then there’s my anticipation of Donald Trump’s brief visit on July 13 to the UK, “I’m so excited. I’ve been spit-shining my pick-up truck all afternoon,” and a slightly more serious assessment about his attempt to claim leadership and support in the US and abroad:

I don’t think we should confuse being a demagogue with being a force for progress.

And no week would be complete without an update on the Russia investigation and Trump’s Twitter rants to try and hold it back.

Listen from 5:07 in 1700-1730 Segment