More than 20 US corporations have detached themselves from the National Rifle Association, amid the campaign for gun control following the February 14 mass killings at a Florida high school. Leading retailers of guns have raised the age for rifle purchases from 18 to 21, moving in front of a US Government response stalled by leading Republican legislators.

Meanwhile, the Georgia legislature has hit back by stripping a $50 million tax reduction from Delta after the airline halted its discount program for NRA members.

Will corporate America be part of an ongoing effort which will finally get significant steps to curb gun violence, including a ban on semi-automatic weapons?

I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Daily on Friday night about the prospects.

A lot of politicians, including those who take money from the NRA, are taking a gamble that they can ride out the short-term wave of the reaction to the Florida shootings. They think the NRA, which is extremely well-organized, which has millions of members, and other Americans opposed to gun control will rally around before November’s elections.

In any time up to now, that might have been a well-justified gamble — but I think we may now be witnessing a sea change in American politics.

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