I joined Paul Ross of talkRADIO on Friday morning to review a turbulent week, beginning with suspicion of Russia over a nerve agent attack in southern England and the UK’s response.

The conversation explains the possible motive for Moscow to carry out the attempted assassination — it’s connected with the 2016 Trump-Russia dossier — and assesses how far the conflict with Britain and its allies could go.

Next is a review of the Trump White House after the sudden dismissal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, with CIA Director Mike Pompeo taking over and Gina Haspel — who oversaw torture in a CIA “black site” — to head the agency.

We conclude with a glance at what could be a short-lived bounce in the UK economy, staving off the imminent Brexit fall, and the turmoil caused by Donald Trump’s sudden imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs.

Listen from 7:22 in 0100-0130 Segment