After Monday’s end to the US Government shutdown, with the Trump Administration claiming Democrats “caved”, Adam Quinn and I set out the situation on BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio London, and BBC Radio Foyle.

The discussions consider the deal to end the three-day closure but then take apart the GOP narrative of a victory. They note that, unless the Administration can finally present a budget for passage or reach a compromise over the future of almost 800,000 young undocumented “Dreamer” immigrants, then Donald Trump and the GOP could carry the blame for the next shutdown when supplementary funding ends February 8.

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The President hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory during all of this. While many in his own party in Congress have been trying to arrive at some kind of settlement, one of the great barriers to it has been simply getting the President and the White House to arrive at a consistent position.

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The Trump Administration keep kicking the can down the road on the budget, which is why you have to keep getting emergency funding. So they play short-term politics and blame the Democrats, rather than facing the long-term music.

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