Trump also spends Christmas Eve attacking “Fake News” and FBI

Developments on Day 339 of the Trump Administration:

Trump’s Christmas Wishes Focus on Trump

In his Christmas message to the world, Donald Trump proclaims that he saved the occasion for everyone:

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has resurrected “Merry Christmas”, which had supposedly disappeared from the English language because “it is not politically correct”.

Trump’s media ally Fox TV, which has annually declared that there is a “War on Christmas”, has joined in the campaign and other media outlets such as CNN and The Washington Post have interrogated whether or not Trump has established his personal credit for saving Jesus’s birth and Santa Claus.

A “Fake News” Christmas Eve

Apart from saving the holiday, Trump spent Christmas Eve deriding “fake news”, apparently upset that he is not getting sufficient credit for Republican tax changes pushed through Congress on Thursday and signed by Trump the next day:

Trump is spending Christmas at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. His ongoing frustration about his persistently low approval ratings came out in other tweets and retweets, with an image of him sporting a CNN blood splatter on the bottom of his shoe:

Trump also continued his campaign to decimate the FBI, hoping to end the Trump-Russia investigation. He again focused on Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who is expected to leave the agency by March, recycling unsupported allegations from Fox:

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