Scott Lucas’s podcasts explain that the turmoil over Trump Administration’s links with Russia has only started

I have spoken with several radio outlets about the forced departure of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, explaining why it is just the start of the maneuvers and uncertainty — some might say chaos — surrounding ties between the Trump Administration and Russia.

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Is Trump in trouble because of his knowledge, weeks ago, of Flynn’s dubious five phone calls with the Russian Ambassador on December 29? Is the President in even more trouble because of the expanding information, with numerous leaks within the Administration, of his advisors and officials’ conversations with Russian officials — including intelligence operatives — going back to late 2015? What about the dossier, being scrutinized by US intelligence services, alleging that Trump is compromised by Moscow because of sexual and financial matters? And what about those Russian banks alleged to have funnelled money to the Trump campaign?

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In the White House, there’s a division within the administration between the fire breathers and the pragmatists. The reason why Trump didn’t act from late January is because the fire breathers wanted to keep Flynn in the administration….

People knew all along this could be a smoking gun. We should welcome stability in foreign relations, that’s not the question, but if you want it, you do it through proper diplomacy. You don’t do it via a president with an affinity for Vladimir Putin.

TOP PHOTO: Then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn listens to Donald Trump