PHOTO: Protester outside JFK Airport in New York with a message about the ban on people from 7 countries entering the US

I spoke with Mike Shaft of BBC Radio Manchester on Sunday about my personal beliefs on Donald Trump and the need to challenge his “unprecedented” Presidency, from his character to his restriction of immigration, assault on the environment, and ban on people from mainly-Muslim countries entering and living in the US.

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I was born at the time of the Civil Rights Movement, lived through the time of Reagan before I came here, saw the Berlin Wall come down.

Now we’ve got another Wall possibly going up, and we’ve got a President who is unpredictable and, I think, unstable. It is not like anything we have faced before…..

A lot of Americans are asking not only about Trump, but about we got to this place. We grow up in America with this idea of freedom, values, and how proud we are of the flag. What we are seeing is that those values — whether or not we lived up to them in the past — are under pressure.