PHOTO: Not Big Enough — Trump asks National Park Service for photographs to prove large crowd at his Inauguration

So what were the “highlights” of the Trump Administration on Day 7? Al Jazeera English compiles a list, with additions from EA:

*The four top career officials at the State Department resigned, or were told that they will not be kept in their jobs.

The four are Gregory Starr, Assistant Secretary for State for Diplomatic Security; Michele Bond, Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs; Thomas Countryman, the Acting Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security; and Patrick Kennedy, Undersecretary of State for Management. Countryman, en route to Rome for a non-proliferation conference, was told on his flight to return to Washington.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson now has no official at Undersecretary of State or Assistant Secretary of State level.

*Mexican President Ernesto Peña Nieto cancelled next Tuesday’s meeting with Donald Trump after the US President insisted that Mexico will pay for the 2,000-mile border wall that he wishes to build, with reports that the Administration plans to impose a 20% tax on Mexican imports.

Former President Vicente Fox Quesada repeated that Mexico will not pay for the “#FuckingWall”:

*The US Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan resigned amid reports of the Trump Administration’s plans to crack down on immigrants. Reports indicated Morgan was forced out because Trump staff believed he was too lenient in his views.

*The former head of Trump’s transition for the Environmental Protection Agency says the Administration plans to slash budget and staff. The EPA is one of a number of agencies ordered by the Trump team not to use social media and has been told to submit its studies for political review before they are released.

*Chief strategist Steve Bannon says media should “keep their mouths shut” as they are an opposition party

*Reports say Trump is still using his unsecured Android phone to tweet — ironic given his focus on the dangers of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail communications

*After an executive order bans Syrian refugees and temporarily suspends visas for people from seven countries, Department of Homeland Security freezes staff trips abroad to interview refugees

*Trump pressures National Park Service staff to provide photos of his Inauguration which support his claims of “1 to 1.5 million people” on the Washington Fall.

The Service has been restricted from disseminating information after tweets which portrayed a small Inaugural crowd. An alternative NPS Twitter account has been established, along with accounts for agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, NASA, and the EPA.