PHOTO: British Prime Minister Theresa May in Bahrain on Wednesday

As the British Parliament debated on Wednesday whether the Government should provide plans for its departure from the European Union, I talked to BBC Hereford and Worcester about the issue behind the discussion — Prime Minister Theresa May and her Ministers have no strategy, let alone plans, for “Brexit”.

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Six months after the [Brexit] referendum, they still do not know how they are going to do this. I don’t think they will know how to do it by March, which is when they have said they will invoke Article 50 [to start talks for departure].

The Government says it wants to have the single market with Europe, but it wants to restrict movement of people. You cannot have both. Either the Government has to give up economic links with Europe, or it has to back down on immigration. Right now, it does not want to do either.

After discussing other issues that the Government does not want to consider publicly — including the difficulties with trade deals and the status of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, I make a prediction:

Britain is not leaving the EU. In the end, the risk of economic damage is going to be so great that the Government is going to back down. But they need to find a way to save face.