PHOTO: Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up as Mitt Romney leaves their meeting on Saturday

I spoke with BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday morning about Donald Trump and the initial appointments to his Cabinet and White House staff — Attorney General Jeff Sessions, CIA Diretor Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, “chief strategist” Steve Bannon, and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

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Unsurprisingly, the outlook is one of concern, given the provocative statements of the appointees about race, Islam and Judaism, immigration, and women as well as Bannon’s links to white supremacist groups. Only Priebus, who was chairman of the Republican National Committee, offers a step back from the hard line.

This comes on top of Trump’s continued lack of coherence of policy, the questions over his character — punctuated by his sudden cave-in to settle the civil case over Trump University for $25 million — and his latest Twitter outburst over the cast of the play Hamilton.

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Can Trump’s Saturday meeting with 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney — reportedly under consideration as Secretary of State — assuage the concerns?

Trump needs Romney for public appearances because there is real concern over the appointments so far of Bannon, of Flynn, of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and Jeff Sessions.

There’s also discussion over the spin that the Queen will invite Trump to Britain, as the UK Government tries to recover from the slap in the face of the President-elect’s meeting with the former head of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage. And there’s a bit of chat about Trump’s bitter response to the cast of Hamilton.

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