Only two weeks after closing the poll gap on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is in serious trouble in the US Presidential election.

Unsettled by his refusal to release his tax returns and battered by his poor performance in the first Presidential debate, Trump may have sealed his fate with misogynist comments which verge of bragging about his sexual abuse of women. Even though the damning video is from 2005, the remarks are so inflammatory that senior Republicans are lining up to withdraw support — and even call on Trump to make a last-minute withdrawal from the campaign.

So is Trump “toast”, as BBC Radio Wales asked me this morning? Not quite — but his last chance could come with tonight’s second debate, held in a Town Hall Meeting format.

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The Republican elite have always been reluctant to support Trump because their focus is on keeping control of the Congress, and they are in severe danger of losing the Senate. Each day that you have another disastrous story about Trump, it magnifies the ripple effect.

That is why you are having a rush of Republican candidates, who are trying to win re-election, step aside from Trump and say, “We’ll concentrate on our races and we’ll leave the White House to the Democrats”.