PHOTO: Donald Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night

Adam Quinn of the University of Birmingham speaks at length with BBC outlets about Donald Trump’s speech accepting the Republican nomination for the Presidency.

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After parrying a pre-emptory strike from Godfrey Bloom — a former MEP who lost the support of the UK Independence Party after he struck a journalist and insulted women, and who argues that discussion of policy is unimportant — Quinn fluently sets out the concerns over Trump’s manner, temperament, and lack of clarity on issues.

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And then there is a chat — without the diversion of Bloom — on BBC Radio Foyle:

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Quinn discusses how, despite his flaws, Trump can seize upon an issue such as immigration to win support:

In a situation where a lot of people are feeling the squeeze economically, and they are feeling a lot of cultural change at the same time and then they perceive that the world they are used to is changing as people are arriving from other places, taking up work and bringing new culture with them — that’s a part of their world that is destabilized.