PHOTO: Leading MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi “Americans are clearly among the blatant examples of state terrorism”


Iran’s regime continued its criticism of the US, focusing on Washington’s measures against the Iranian economy, on Sunday.

In a series of speeches in the past week, the Supreme Leader has cited the US failure to lift sanctions — even after January’s implementation of the July 2015 nuclear deal — as a reason for hostility. He repeated on Saturday that Iran will not cooperate with Washington over regional matters, including the crises in Syria and Iraq.

The head of Parliament’s National Security Committee, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, said on Sunday that the US was using the false claim of Iranian support for “terrorism” to maintain restriction: “Since the US is regarded as an established enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is looking for pretexts with regard to Iran’s economic issues and activities under the current circumstances.”

Boroujerdi, who will soon lead a Parliamentary delegation to Syria, added:

The Americans are clearly among the blatant examples of state terrorism and supporters of terrorist measures and extremist groups in the world….

The United States regards itself as the symbol of the fight against terrorism, on the one hand, but it provides terrorist groups in the [Middle East] region with full support, on the other.

While many US and European sanctions have been lifted since January, notably over Iran’s energy sector, the Americans have imposed new measures over Iran’s ballistic missile testing, and the Supreme Court has maintained a freeze on $2 billion of Iranian assets, allowing families of terrorism victims to sue for compensations. Iran’s banks are still struggling to rejoin the global financial market, and some European companies are wary of renewing trade and investment because of fear of US punishment.

US Secretary of State John Kerry did tell the Aspen Institute last week that the Obama Administration hoped to use the promotion of trade to bring Iranian “transformation”. He cited a recent deal in which the US aviation manufacturer Boeing confirmed the sale of $25 billion of aircraft to Tehran.

2 Men to “Confess” ISIS Membership & Terrorist Plot on State TV

Iranian State TV will broadcast the “confessions” tonight of two men accused of an Islamic State plot against 50 targets in Tehran.

Iranian officials, including the Supreme Leader and Revolutionary Guards commanders, have stepped up rhetoric about the “terrorist” threat, including the supposed scheme in Iran, the campaign of Kurdish insurgents in the northwest, and operations of Baluch insurgents in the southeast.

Iran Daily, June 27: Revolutionary Guards Maintain Drumbeat and Arrests over “Terrorism”

One of the two accused men will say on TV tonight that the pair received 600,000 Euros ($669,000) & were told by ISIS to buy cars for the terrorist activities.