PHOTO: US State Department spokesman Mark Kirby hears the news that Boris Johnson is Britain’s Foreign Secretary

On Thursday, Boris Johnson — former Mayor of London and, in the words of US officials, “mistake-prone former journalist” — become Britain’s Foreign Secretary.

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So how did the world react?

In the US, State Department Mark Kirby struggles to hod back disbelief and laughter before pulling it together for a diplomatic response:

German Foreign Franz-Walter Steinmeier is blunt about the “irresponsible” politician who “flew the coop” after the damaging vote to leave the European Union:

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault uses the usually forbidden L-word, “During the campaign he lied a lot to the British people and now it is he who has his back against the wall”:

Russia State outlet RT, which has been overjoyed at the UK’s Brexit implosion, piles on the mockery:

Back home, Angela Eagle — who is trying to become leader of the opposition Labour Party — is left speechless:

But maybe the last word is with the person who put up the sign outside Johnson’s London home, seen just after the Foreign Minister gave an interview after returning from a visit to his new office:

“Sorry World”.