PHOTO: President Rouhani has overseen a fall in inflation from 40% to 9.5%

Iran’s Rouhani Government has declared an economic victory, with the inflation rate below 10% for the first time since 2010.

The senior advisor for economic affairs, Mohammad Baqer Nobakht announced on Tuesday that the rate fell from 10.2% to 9.5% during the month of Khordad (May 21-June 20). Addressing Parliament, he hailed a “great accomplishment” for the Government.

President Rouhani inherited inflation of more than 40% when he took office in August 2013. He promised that he would address mismanagement and problems with production, as well as the restrictions of US-led sanctions, to bring the rate into single digits.

Adel Azar, the head of the Statistical Center of Iran, predicted more good news in the near-future: “If the policies that the Rouhani administration has pursued with the direct supervision of President Hassan Rouhani continue, the inflation rate will continue to fall.”

However, not all developments were positive for the Government yesterday, as headlines focused on recent revelations of exorbitant salaries for officials.

Acting on a request by President Rouhani, 1st Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri ordered the creation of a three-person committee to review the salaries as well as bonuses and low-interest loans for the officials.

Other Ministers promised effective action. Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi thanked news outlets for leaking the salaries, while Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said:

Unfortunately, this issue has been transformed into a partisan issue today. The Rouhani administration and the judiciary must address this issue seriously. There is the expectation that Rouhani, as he promised, will deal with these government employees… We expect that several individuals who have evidence against them will be removed from their positions.

(Hat tip to Iran Tracker for translations)