PHOTO: Clinton supporters celebrate on Tuesday night in Florida

Who was the biggest winner in Tuesday night’s five important primaries in the US Presidential campaign?

Not Donald Trump, even though the Republican frontrunner put himself on the verge of the nomination.

Instead, it is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party who not only defined their outcome, with Clinton finally pushing back the challenge of Bernie Sanders, but also set themselves up for victory in November over a Trump who is unlikely to have the backing of the GOP establishment.

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I discussed that prospect with BBC Radio Foyle on Wednesday morning.

Listen from 1:43.07

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’m off to the bookies to bet everything except the children on Hillary Clinton, and I may even wager them.

The Democratic Party will be united behind Clinton by the end of this month. They’ll have a feel-good convention this summer about carrying on the legacy of Barack Obama.

In contrast, the Republican Party is absolutely shattered at this point. Unless Donald Trump can find some way to win more than 40% of the vote and a magic combination to defeat Clinton, no way that the GOP recovers.