PHOTO: Presidential candidate Donald Trump

In the second part of an interview with Malaysia’s BFM Radio, recorded early this month, I discuss how responses in the US to the threat of the Islamic State are likely to be counter-productive — from Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entry into the US to State Governors refusing to accept any refugees.

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There’s also discussion of how states around the world are again using the “War on Terror” for their suppression of local movements, and how Russia is using the diversion of a fight against the Islamic State to bomb both rebels and civilian areas in Syria.


When you get the rhetoric of the Republican campaign and governors saying they will not accept refugees, that’s what breeds resentment, that’s what people look at and say, “How dare you tell us your values are superior and your values are what is needed to fight the Islamic State when you are being unjust and repressive and discriminatory.”

It’s a question of getting a sensible approach to security, and to link that to social discussions and integration of some of those refugees who have no other motive than wanting to live….

Those in the American Muslim community are able to be proud of being American while being proud of their faith, yet the public rhetoric from someone like Donald Trump is so anti-Islamic and so hostile that you are worrying this is going to seep into the culture.