Last week, a new meme came to light in the Syrian conflict: Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of President Assad’s ally Hezbollah, has been nicknamed “Hassan Zumeira” (“Hassan Toot-Toot”).

The label of Zumeera, a small musical pipe, pokes fun at Nasrallah’s grand speeches and his politics. It also chides Hezbollah as it assumes an increasingly important role in the Syrian military’s efforts to beat back the rebel challenge: last week, a group of regime fighters was forced to chant “Hassan Zumeira” after they were captured in the failed offensive in Aleppo Province.

The chant was taken up by a far different group this week. In Idlib Province, children greet “Hassan Toot-Toot”:

Playing toy horns, the children compare Nasrallah to the Pied Piper of Hamelin — the rat-catcher who leads youth away to captivity or death — and drive home their point, “Hassan Zumeira, curse your soul”.