Palestine Daily, Dec 29: Palestinians to Submit Revised Independence Draft to UN

LATEST: Palestinian Teenager Killed By Israeli Military

Palestine’s senior officials said Monday that they intend to submit a final draft to the UN Security Council of their resolution for a State by 2017 and an end to the Israeli occupation.

The officials said the resolution is a revision of the draft resolution submitted to the Council by Jordan earlier this month. They added that a vote would take place by Wednesday, depending on whether the Palestinians can get majority support.

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Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the submission would be made following a meeting of Arab States’ representatives in New York.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas reportedly told US Secretary of State John Kerry by phone that he would proceed despite Israeli and American opposition.

The Palestine Liberation Organization said the draft resolution calls for the resumption of negotiations to solve all final status issues within a year, with an end to the Israeli occupation by December 31, 2017. East Jerusalem would be the capital of the State of Palestine, with an end to Israeli settlement building in the new capital and in the West Bank.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, “We will continue to rebuff vigorously attempts to force terms that would jeopardize our security.”

Palestinian Teenager Killed By Israeli Military

A Palestinian teen has been shot dead by the Israeli military in the West Bank near a Jewish settlement.

The Israel Defense Forces said the youth was killed as he hurled rocks at Israeli cars.

Imam Jameel a-Safeer, 16, was given preliminary medical treatment on the scene but soon died. A 19-year-old was also wounded.

The incident occurred near the Tapuah settlement close to the city of Nablus.

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