An EA correspondent in Iran sends us a 10-point summary of the Supreme Leader’s speech on Thursday to the Assembly of Experts:

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1. The authorities should understand the current conditions of Iran. This means they should pay attention to the many points of strength along with some weaknesses in a realistic manner.

2. The authorities should consider Iran’s boundless local and national facilities and resources and use them to achieve a Resistance Economy.

3. One of Iran’s most important resources is its people, especially the revolutionary and religious youth. They should be used in different social fields.

4. One must not think that surrendering to the enemy solves all problems. The enmity (of the enemy) is with the principles of the Islamic Revolution, and this animosity will continue as we follow those principles.

5. Officials should not neglect that enmity of the enemies, especially America. In current conditions, they should establish clear boundaries with the enemy’s front.

Of course creating boundaries does not mean cutting our relationships with the world, but it means clarifying to what extent we want to have relationships with other countries.

6. I appreciate those officials who resist and stand against the enemy and who encourage people in the direction of resistance.

7. I criticize those officials who excuse problems and who blame other authorities who are standing against the enemy.

8. I emphasize that today one of society’s need is to maintain and strengthen the national unity, both in religion and ethnicity.

9. I am worried and share the concerns of some of the members of the Assembly of Experts regarding cultural issues.

10. These points should be advertised to become the belief and discourse of the public.