LATEST: Iran — Agreement To Start Implementing Interim Nuclear Deal in Late January

In a pointed contrast to the “moderation” promoted by President Rouhani, including in a year-end editorial, the Iranian military has put out the message that it can destroy the Islamic Republic’s foes.

Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, the deputy head of Iran’s armed forces, declared on Monday:

The enemy knows that the entire expanse of the Zionist regime (of Israel) is covered by the military net of the Islamic Republic, and a military action against Iran amounts to utter insanity….

For years, our commanders have kept their fingers on the trigger, and they have been given the permission and authority [to attack enemies]. This is not a bluff and propaganda….

Not only is the enemy fearful of Iran’s military capabilities, the ominous Zionist regime dreads such capabilities day and night….The enemy is aware that the Islamic Republic has the power to destroy US and Israeli illegitimate interests in the region and can deliver them serious and crippling blows.

Iran: Agreement To Start Implementing Interim Nuclear Deal in Late January

Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Hamid Baeidinejad, has said technical talks have succeeded in a start date for implementation of the interim nuclear deal next month.

“Based on the conclusions [reached in] the talks held with the P5+1 [5+1 Powers] expert delegations, the implementation of the Geneva accord will start in the third ten-day [period] of January,” Baeidinejad said on Tuesday at the conclusion of two days of the expert-level talks.

“The two sides managed to reach an understanding on the implementation of the agreement and now, their views and interpretations [of the Geneva agreement] are the same,” he added.

The six-month interim nuclear deal, reached on November 24 in Geneva, envisages Iran’s suspension of enrichment of 20% uranium in return for a beginning to the easing of US-led sanctions on Tehran.