LATEST: Source — Inspectors to Begin Destruction of Chemical Weapons Stocks on Sunday


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SUMMARY: Meeting a delegation from the Syrian Youth Club in Aleppo on Sunday, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi praised the important role of civil society organizations “in mobilizing the capabilities of the people and putting them in use in the charity and relief fields, in addition to consolidating unity and tolerance among the homeland’s people”.

Al-Halqi explained that Syria’s youth are “the bulwark in defense of the country and the linchpin of the reconstruction process”.

He declared the the Government is making “genuine efforts to provide services and meet health and educational needs” to the citizens of Aleppo, caught in a military stalemate since July 2012.

Regime airstrikes on Daraa city on Saturday:

The Violations Documentation Center records that 74,935 people have been killed since the start of the conflict in March 2011. Almost 56,000 of them are civilians.

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Video: Smoke Billows Across Baghdad Ave, Damascus As Shells Fall In East Of City

Footage from Sunday shows smoke billowing across Damascus’s Baghdad Avenue, the result of regime shelling to the east of the city.

Supreme Military Council Calls For “Institutionalization of FSA Military Brigades”

The Supreme Military Council has called for the “institutionalization” of Free Syrian Army military brigades to be sped up, via what it described as the “unification of all military bodies of the Syrian revolution”.

The Syrian Coalition said in a statement that the announcement came after lengthy discussions between battalion and brigade commanders and the head of the Syrian National Coalition and Chief of Staff of the Free Syrian Army, Salim Idris.

Source: “Inspectors to Begin Destruction of Chemical Weapons Stocks on Sunday”

A source from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has told AFP that disarmament inspectors will begin destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and production facilities on Sunday.

The source said the inspectors “have left for a site where they are beginning verification and destruction….Heavy vehicles are going to run over and thus destroy missile warheads, aerial chemical bombs, and mobile and static mixing and filling units.”

Video: General Strike in Azaz Calls for Withdrawal of Islamic State of Iraq

Claimed images from a general strike in Azaz, near the Turkish border, demanding that the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham withdraw from the town and release hostages.

Last month, the ISIS took control of Azaz after a fight with the Free Syrian Army’s Northern Storm Brigade. It has since rebuffed efforts at a cease-fire and withdrawal to its headquaters in the town.

Video: Civilians Killed In Homs Al Waer After Surface-To-Surface Missile Strike

Footage from Sunday morning shows the aftermath of a regime surface-to-surface missile strike on a residential building in the Homs neighborhood of Al Waer.

Local citizen journalist group Shaam News Network reports, “The resulting explosion shook the entire city and at least eight people were killed. Three buildings were leveled to the ground and many others damaged beyond repair. Many civilians remain trapped under the rubble, cars and buildings are on fire, and no one is able to rescue victims or recover casualties because there is no equipment to do so and the local teams responsible for this task are trapped by the continuing regime assault.”

Activists are also reporting that the regime is launching a ferocious attack on Homs Old City as well as Al Waer, with a second surface-to-surface missile hitting the neighborhood on Sunday morning.

Video: Heavy Shelling On Moadamiyyat Ash Sham

Regime forces are intensifying shelling against the West Ghouta town of Moadamiyyat Ash Sham, the site of one of the August 21 chemical attacks and under siege for the better part of a year.

Damage caused by surface-to-surface rockets:

Moadamiyyat Ash Sham is surrounded by regime army bases, from which the shelling is taking place.

Video: Saturday Night Rally in Insurgent-Held Raqqa


The Local Coordination Committees claim 68 people were killed on Saturday, including 17 in Damascus and its suburbs.