Libya’s Prime Minister was seized early Thursday by the militia assigned to protect Prliament, then released seven hours later.

Members of the Revolutionary Operations Chamber took Ali Zeidan’from the Corinthia Hotel in the capital Tripoli at 4 a.m.

The militia, which guards the General National Congress, said it arrested Zeidan on the orders of the Justice Department.

The Justice Minister denied the claim.

“The Government…holds the kidnappers legally responsible for the safety of the prime minister, and call on them to immediately release him,” a Government spokesman said at a news conference minutes before Zeidan was freed. He continued:

We emphasize that this crime cannot undermine the legitimacy of the Libyan state institutions. The interim government emphasizes that it cannot bow to any blackmail from any party.

Video of Zeidan arriving at the Cabinet building after his release:

The Prime Minister said in a brief statement, “We hope this matter will be treated with wisdom and rationality, far from tension. There are many things that need dealing with.”