Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Primary School on Sunday

Fourteen students and their headmaster were killed on Sunday when a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into the playground of a primary school in northern Iraq.

The attack followed a suicide bombing minutes earlier on a police station in the same town, Tel Afar, about 70 kilometers (45 miles) northwest of Mosul city.


At least 48 people were killed in bombings and shootings across Iraq on Saturday.

A bomb targeting Shia pilgrims as they walked towards a shrine in the Adhamiyah section of Baghdad killed 20 people and wounded at least 55.

At least 13 people were killed and 32 injured in a car bombing at a cafe in Balad, near the city of Tikrit.

A suicide bombing in the same cafe in August left 16 dead.

A reporter and a cameraman working for the Al-Sharqiya TV channel were shot while working in the northern city of Mosul.

Three member of the Government-backed Sunni Sahwa (Awakening) militia were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in Yousufiya, south of Baghdad.

In the worst violence in five years, almost 6000 people have been killed since January.

(Featured Photo: Cafe in Balad, hit on Saturday, when it was bombed in August — Reuters)