Regime forces on Thursday continue to shell the Old Customs Area in Dar’aa city, amid ongoing clashes with the Free Syrian Army near the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Activists in the area say that the shelling continued for several hours on Thursday morning.

Early on Thursday morning, activists reported that Assad’s troops had intensified rocket fire on the area, while the FSA targeted regime posts with a car bomb, killing several regime soldiers.

This video, posted on Thursday, shows an explosion at the front gate of the old Customs Area, possibly by the car bomb:

This footage shows regime shelling on the Old Customs Area on Thursday morning:

Thursday’s developments come after heavy clashes continued throughout Wednesday in the Old Customs Area:

This footage from Wednesday shows insurgent forces clashing with regime troops at the entrance to the Old Customs Area:

Local activists on Wednesday had denied rumors that the Old Customs Area had been taken over by insurgents, saying that fighting continues in the area.

Those rumors were in part prompted by this video statement by an Islamist faction who claimed to have captured the Old Customs Area:

The Old Customs Area — neighboring the Jordanian city of Ramtha — is of strategic importance because it controls part of the border area. The area has been hotly contested for months, and fell into insurgent hands in the summer, but is currently under regime control.