Sceptical about a US-Russia framework agreement for Syria to give up chemical weapons, the Turkish Government has called on Washington to prepare a “Plan B” if Damascus does not comply.

A “Turkish diplomatic source” said, “This process will give more time for Bashar al-Assad [to stay] in power. The deal should have been more open and straight in outlining the possible sanctions to be imposed on Damascus in the event of the regime’s incompliance with the deal.”

On Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu (pictured with US Secretary of State John Kerry) will outline Ankara’s concerns in a Paris meeting with foreign ministers from the US, France, Britain, and Saudi Arabia.

“This deal should not delay the need for an immediate resolution of the ongoing human tragedy in Syria. Al-Assad should not be allowed to continue his massacres. We are concerned that the regime will abuse this deal for the continuation of the human tragedy in Syria,” Davutoğlu reportedly told Kerry in a phone call.

Davutoğlu also spoke with his Qatari and Saudi Arabian counterparts on Saturday night.