LATEST: Egypt — Tamarod Calls For Investigation into Violence

VIDEO: The attack on the pro-Morsi sit-in at Republican Guards Headquarters this morning (Warning: graphic images)

2019 GMT US To Maintain Military Aid

The White House has again refused to call last Wednesday’s military takeover of power a “coup”.

Asked today about the term, spokesman Jay Carney said, ”There are — and again, to be blunt, there are significant consequences that go along with this determination, and it is a highly charged issue for millions of Egyptians who have different views about what happened.”

Any determination of a “coup” would mandate the US Government to cut off $1.5 billion in annual military aid.

Carney continued:

So, in answer to your question, I would say that we are going to take the time necessary to review what has taken place and to monitor efforts by Egyptian authorities to forge an inclusive and democratic way forward. And as we do, we will review our requirements under the law, and we will do so consistent with our policy objectives. And we will also, of course, consult with Congress on that.

No, we’re— I think I would say on the question of aid that the relationship between the United States and Egypt goes beyond the provision of assistance, and it is based on decades of partnership and our commitment, this country’s commitment, to the Egyptian people,” he said. “And everything we do will be focused on supporting a reduction in the polarization within Egypt and in hastening Egypt’s return to a democratically elected government as soon as possible. And we view this decision, this determination, through that prism.

2018 GMT Military Says Three Security Personnel Killed

Egypt’s military have put the death toll for security forces during Monday morning’s clashes at three, AP report. AP cite the military as saying that it “came under a heavy assault first by gunmen who killed an army officer and two policemen, though its account of the events left many questions unanswered”.

2015 GMT Moderate Islamist Party Calls for Military Exit from Politics

The moderate-Islamist Wasat Party has said that the military’s exit from the political stage is the “only solution” to currentl crisis.

Wasat Party leader Abul-Ela Madi demanded the resignation of “those who recently appointed themselves to run Egypt’s transitional phase”.

2014 GMT: Egypt — Muslim Brotherhood Calls For More Protests

The Muslim Brotherhood on Monday evening called for more protests on Tuesday, Reuters reported

“In protest against the military coup that was followed by suppressive actions, topped by the Republican Guard massacre that took place at dawn, we call on all citizens and honorable people to protest on Tuesday across Egypt,” Hatem Azam, a spokesman for a coalition led by the Muslim Brotherhood, said.

2005 GMT: Egypt — Tamarod Calls For Investigation into Violence

The Tamarod campaign, which organized last month’s mass protests that helped bring down President Morsi, has called for an independent investigation into MOnday’s “lamentable” violence outside Republican Guards Headquarters.

Tamarod urged Morsi’s supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood “not to drag the country into a violent conflict”. It blamed outbreaks of violence on the Brotherhood.

1635 GMT: Egypt — Death Toll Rising; Pro-Morsi Rally at Rabaa Mosque

We are on a break until later this evening.

The death toll is likely to rise — doctors at a Cairo morgue say they have handled 54 bodies. The military’s press conference ended with no more remarkable information, but assertions such as the Muslim Brotherhood attacked troops from nearby rooftops.

And the pro-Morsi campaign is rallying, after the deadly events of this morning, at their main sit-in at Rabaa El-Adaweya Mosque:

1422 GMT: Egypt — The Military’s Press Conference

After offering condolences for those slain today, military spokesman Ahmed Ali defends the actions of troops against “acts of incitement and provocation to instigate acts of violence”.

He says the armed forces handed down more than one warning and dealt with pro-Morsi protesters with “absolute prudence and sympathy”.

Ali claimed violence escalated at 4 a.m. when armed group attacked the perimeters around the Republican Guard HQ, using live ammunition, as others started to climb up the buildings nearby and throw stones, Molotov cocktails, bombs, and heavy objects.

Ali says one army officer was and 42 were injured, many of them critically.

1414 GMT: Egypt — The Military’s Press Conference

After a difficult start, in which some journalists called for the removal of Al Jazeera from the room, the military’s press conference has begun with a statement from police spokesman Hany Abdel Latif.

Abdel Latif says the police will protect Egyptian citizens, not the regime: “not this regime and not the coming one”.

He claims “an unexpected development” this morning, with Morsi supporters throwing stones and then firing on the police and Republican Guards, killing a police officer.

Citing 12 policemen killed and 107 wounded since 28 June, Abdel Latif says, “We will stand up firmly and strictly to any violation of the law, regardless of any affiliation.”

Some journalists applaud.

1413 GMT: Egypt — Death Toll Rises to 51

The Ministry of Health has raised Monday’s death toll to 51, with 435 people injured.

1344 GMT: Egypt Picture — Stand-Off Near Rabaa Mosque

Another image from the tense stand-off between the military and Morsi supporters:

1333 GMT: Egypt — Army Fires Warning Shots, Tear Gas at Morsi Supporters

The military has fired tear gas on the main gathering of Morsi supporters at the Rabaa El-Adaweya Mosque in a Cairo suburb:

The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville:

A reporter for Daily News Egypt:

1248 GMT: Egypt Video — Firing on Morsi Supporters, Including From Sniper on Roof

1213 GMT: Egypt — National Salvation Front Denounces Attacks on Military, Calls For Investigation into Monday’s Killings of Protesters

The National Salvation Front, formed to oppose former President Morsi last November, has said it “strongly condemns all forms of violence and any assault on military establishments and armed forces personnel”.

The Front, whose leader Mohamed ElBaradei supported last week’s coup, also called for an immediate and impartial investigation into Monday’s deaths of at least 42 people during a sit-in by Morsi supporters outside Republican Guards Headquarters.

1209 GMT: Egypt — Claimed Video of Gunman Amid Morsi Supporters During Monday’s Killings

Claimed footage isolating a gunman among Morsi supporters during the clash with security forces that killed at least 42 people:

1204 GMT: Egypt — Interim Administration Says Committee Will Investigate Monday’s Shootings

The administration of interim President Adli Mansour has finally commented on events, saying that he has convened a judicial committee to investigate the killings at the pro-Morsi sit-in.

Mansour expressed “deep regret” for the victims and, supporting the military’s account, said the incident resulted from an attempt to storm the Republican Guard Headquarters. He urged protesters not to approach military facilities or other “vital installations”.

1100 GMT: Egypt— Doctor Says 400 Victims in 3 Hours; People “Shot From Behind”

The Muslim Brotherhood is currently holding a press conference about this morning’s shootings at the pro-Morsi sit-in. A doctor from the field hospital at the scene has been giving testimony:

The doctor said “people were shot from behind”.

1042 GMT: Egypt — Leading Politicians Condemn Attack, Call for President to Step Down

Two prominent politicians and former Presidential candidates, Abdel-Moneim Aboul-Fotouh and Hamdeen Sabahy — both crtical of former President Morsi in the past — have condemned this morning’s attack on Morsi supporters.

Aboul-Fotouh, the leader of the Strong Egypt Party, called on interim President Adli Mansour to step down after “a horrible crime against humanity and all Egyptians”.

Saying the events “put us in a bad situation”, Sabahy said an interim Government must be formed immediately.

Earlier, Mohamed ElBaradei, who backed last week’s coup and has reportedly been asked to become Vice President, tweeted:

1036 GMT: Egypt — Army Issues Official Statement Saying It Was Attacked

The Army has issued an official statement on the events surrounding the Republican Guard Headquarters on Monday.

In an official statement published by Al-Ahram, the army said an “armed terrorist group” attempted to break into the Republican Guard headquarters in the early hours of Monday and “attacked security forces.”

The military said that gunmen opened fire on security forces and military personnel who had sealed off the entrances to the headquarters, and that two officers were killed and dozens injured. Six are in a critical condition, the statement said.

The army said that it arrested 200 people at the scene with firearms, ammunitions, knives and clubs and Molotov cocktails and said it had security footage of the attack and photographic evidence of how the events unfolded, which it would make public later.

1015 GMT: Army Says “Captured Soldiers” Have Escaped Captors

The Egyptian military have updated on its claims that pro-Morsi supporters kidnapped two soldiers earlier on Monday. The army now says that the two men “managed to escape”.

0946 GMT: Salafist Al Nour Spokesman: It’s As If Former Regime Is Back

A spokesman for the Salafist Al Nour party said Sunday morning that “[I]t is as if the former regime is back fully fleshed. We have seen false democracy. This is a strange scene that puts the military in the circle of accusation which we never hoped. We are not taking part in any political process.”

Al Jazeera English has reactions to the Cairo shootings from other political leaders.

0920 GMT: Army Arrests 200 Morsi Supporters, State Media Tries To Claim Army Acted In Self Defense

Al Jazeera English reports that the Army has arrested 200 Morsi supporters in Cairo.

Meanwhile, State TV appears to be attempting to claim that the Army acted in self defense, by showing images of Islamist demonstrators throwing molotov cocktails:

State news agency MENA is citing an army official as saying that Morsi supporters have kidnapped two soldiers, Samir Abdallah Ali and Azzam Hazem Ali. MENA claimed the two were forced into a vehicle, after which one man was beaten as both were forced to make pro-Morsi and anti-military statements on a loudspeaker.

0917 GMT: Army Fires Warning Shots at Rabaa Mosque Sit-In

The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville reports warning shots by the Army at the sit-in of Morsi supporters at the Rabaa El Adewaya Mosque:

0853 GMT: Video — Aftermath of Attack on Morsi Supporters

More claimed footage, with graphic content, of the aftermath of the attack by security forces on the pro-Morsi demonstrators in front of Republican Guards Headquarters:

0830 GMT: First-Hand from Hospital Treating Injured

Patrick Kingsley of The Guardian reports:

To a man [the injured] all reported that they were outside the Republican Guard headquarters, where Morsi has been allegedly held since his deposal on Wednesday. They got up for dawn prayers, they were almost finished with dawn prayers when they heard shouting. One man said he heard a soldier saying, “Don’t shoot.” That soldier seems to have been the first man to have been shot.

Then there was tear gas, then there was live fire fired in the air, before finally shots fired directly into the crowd.

One man said he was asleep. He woke up and he was hit.

Then others reported running from the nearby Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque where tens of thousands have been occupying the space in support of Morsi for about a fortnight. They came running. Some of them said they were shot en route to the site, not even at the site itself.

Kingsley has also posted written transcripts of some of the testimony.

0810 GMT: Army Faces Pro-Morsi Protesters at Rabaa El Adewaya Mosque

Journalist Louisa Loveluck:

Earlier she set the scene:

0800 GMT: Death Toll Now 42

Egyptian State TV is reporting, from a senior medical official, that 42 people were killed and 322 wounded in the attack on the pro-Morsi sit-in this morning.

0735 GMT: Leading Egyptian Newspaper Silent on Morning Events

Ahram Online, a leading source for information on latest events up to last week and the military takeover, has no news at all this morning on the killing of supporters of former President Morsi.

Since the coup last Wednesday, the website has headlined rallies against Morsi — this morning’s headline is “Egyptians Hold Mass Demonstrations in Support of ‘Popular Will‘” — while being far more restrained in reporting of protests over the military’s seizure of power.

[Just after this was posted, Ahram posted a one-paragraph “Breaking” summary, “35 Die in Clashes Between Egypt Army and Pro-Morsi Protesters“]

0725 GMT: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for “Intifada”

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party have issued a statement calling for an uprising and international action to stop “a new Syria in the Arab world”:

We call on the great Egyptian people to rise up against those who want to steal their revolution with tanks and armoured vehicles, even over the dead bodies of the people.

0723 GMT: Doctor — 25 Dead, Including 5 Children

0722 GMT: Military Deploys on Cairo Bridges, Move on Pro-Morsi Crowd at Mosque

Quentin Sommerville of the BBC reports the military moving on the main pro-Morsi sit-in in front of the Rabaa El-Adaweya Mosque in Nasr City:

Journalist Louisa Loveluck:

0716 GMT: Morsi Supporters Push Back Army

Journalist Gregg Carlstrom reports:

0626 GMT: Photos — Attack on Pro-Morsi Sit-In

Muftah has published a series of photographs, provided by Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El Haddad, from this morning’s attack on the sit-in for President Morsi in a Cairo suburb:

The article also posts account from eyewitnesses.

One of the protesters, Ahmed Zeineddin — shot in the shoulder — said: “At the last second of prayer, we heard some shooting, and saw tear gas. It was total chaos.”

Mohamed Soltan, an Egyptian-American executive, asserted, “They shot at the protesters with live ammunition in an effort to move them away from the Republican Guard headquarters. A man died in my arms, as I was carrying him to the hospital.”

0622 GMT: Salafist Nour Party Withdraws from Political Talks

The Salafist Nour Party, whose support was significant in the military’s removal of President Morsi, has said it will pull out of talks over the transitional “roadmap” after this morning’s attack on Morsi supporters:

0615 GMT: Report — 35 Dead in Attack on Pro-Morsi Sit-In

Journalist Mohannad Sabry reports from a makeshift hospital, near the pro-Morsi sit-in at Rabaa El Adaweya Mosque in a Cairo suburb, on the death toll this morning:

The security forces claimed they have suffered casualties:

Muslim Brotherhood: “34 Supporters Killed by Police During Dawn Prayers”

The Muslim Brotherhood claims that 34 of its members have been killed during dawn prayers.

Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim El-Beltagy, a senior Brotherhood figure, said there was a “massacre” as police stormed a sit-in demanding the re-instatement of President Mohamed Morsi, who was removed by the military on Wednesday night.

About 500 people were also reportedly injured.

The demonstrators were in front of Republican Guards Headquarters, where Morsi is reportedly behind held under house arrest. They marched there on Friday, when fire from security forces killed three people.

The military said a “terrorist group” had tried to storm the compound of the Republican Guards.

Meanwhile, confusion continues over the naming of an interim Prime Minister. On Sunday, the name of Mohamed ElBaradei — Nobel Prize laureate and leader of the National Salvation Front — was withdrawn after objections, notably by the Salafist Nour Party.

Officials said last night that Ziad Bahaa El-Din, an economist and founder of the Social Democratic Party, would be named. However, confirmation was delayed. as the Salafists continued to argue that “they would rather have someone who does not belong to a political party — a pure technocrat if such thing exists”.