Candidate Hassan Rouhani amid a crowd after casting his vote on Friday

2104 GMT: More Photos From Tehran Tonight

Fars News publishes these photographs of people in Tehran celebrating Rouhani’s victory:




1757 GMT: More Picture of Celebrations for Rouhani Victory




IRAN 15-06-13 TEHRAN2





1727 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch

HRANA reports that Issa Khan-Hatami, a member of the National Front, has been arrested. In 2010, Khan-Hatami was given a three-year prison sentence.

1721 GMT: A Message After 2009’s “Where’s My Vote?”



1720 GMT: Rouhani Appears

Winning candidate Hassan Rouhani has made his first appearance:


1710 GMT: Iranian Press Reactions

Much of the Iranian press, following the lead of the Supreme Leader and state outlets, have reacted to Hassan Rouhani’s overwhelming victory by focusing on the high turnout. The conservative Jomhuri-ye Eslami stated “The significant turnout conveyed a few messages. Firstly, the foreign enemy should realise that Iran’s domestic conflicts and challenges can never prevent people from voting.” The conservative Khorasan suggested that “The high turnout has enhanced Iran’s image and strategic credibility,” while Resalat, also conservative, declared “The government that will be formed by the epic vote of the people should stand against the excessive demands of the West.” The reformist Etemad praised the conduct of the election, stating “This election can be considered as one of the most effective and at the same time the most sensitive to have been held in the 34 years since the Islamic Revolution.”

1702 GMT: UK Congratulates Rouhani, Urges “Different Course for the Future”

A spokesman for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has congratulated Hassan Rouhani on his victory and urged him to “set Iran on a different course for the future” in regards to addressing concerns about its nuclear programme, relationship with the international community and “improving the political and human rights situation for the people of Iran.‪”

1645 GMT: Supreme Leader Congratulates Iranians, Rouhani

The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has tweeted a message of thanks to the Iranian people for their participation in the elections and to “Hojatoleslam Rouhani” for his election.


1637 GMT: Celebrations in Mashhad, Tehran, Kermanshah, and Tabriz

Picture of celebrations in Mashhad tonight for Rouhani’s victory:

And in Tehran: IRAN 15-06-13 TEHRAN Photographs have also been posted of celebrations in Tabriz and Kermanshah.

1622 GMT: Jalili, Qalibaf Congratulate Rouhani

Presidential candidates Saeed Jalili and Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf congratulated Rouhani on his victory. Jalili used his Twitter account to send a message of congratulations in Persian and also in English:


Qalibaf took the more traditional route of sending a message of congratulations, which Mehr and Jahan News have published here.

The three other candidates — Ali Akbar Velayati, Mohammad Gharazi, and Mohsen Rezaei — as well as outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — have also congratulated Rouhani according to Fars News General Director, Abas Aslani.

1611 GMT: NYT Reports On Celebration, While State TV Ignores It

Thomas Erdbrink of The New York Times reports on the celebration, even as State media is loudly ignoriing it:


1610 GMT: Press TV: Reporters Came For Turnout, Not Any Candidates

State outlet Press TV continues to stress that the most exciting thing about this Presidential election was the turnout. Press TV said: It is the turnout that attracts more foreign media attention than who is running. Press TV goes on to explain that Iranians turned out en masse to support the system, which does not happen in the West — that is why foreign reporters were so excited. Dr Seyed Mohammad Marandi of Tehran University, interviewed on the State outlet, goes on to say: “The fact that the turnout was very high shows that the Iranian people have the full confidence in the electoral process and that discredits claims by Western media and certain other outlets and groups about four years ago.” “It’s a big win for Iran,” he adds — without mentioning Rouhani.

1608 GMT: Photo: Hassan Rouhani Becomes Iran’s President

ISNA posted this photograph of Rouhani: Mehdi Ghasemi-5-6

1604 GMT: Press TV Shows “Very Festive” Celebrations (But It’s For the Turnout)

A telling movement on State outlet Press TV — they cannot avoid showing the scenes of celebaration in Tehran after the announcement of the Rouhani victory. The correspondent on the scene has to say that it is “very festive”, but quickly adds — and then spends the next several minutes — saying that “this is not surprising because of the high turnout”. She does not mention Rouhani. Finally, Press TV shows a packaged biography of Rouhani.

1557 GMT: The Result

Turnout in the Presidential election was 72.7%. Rouhani got 50.7%, Qalibaf 16.56%, Jalili 11.36%, Rezaei 10.58%, Velayati 6.18%, and Gharazi 1.22%.

1553 GMT: Reformist Aref Congratulates Rouhani

Former Presidential candidate Mohammad Reza Aref, who withdrew from the race to support the winner, Hassan Rouhani, tweets: “He Left: But Became Remarkable”


“Glad That [Rouhani] Came, Sad That [Aref] Went”


1551 GMT: NEWSFLASH — Hassan Rouhani Wins Presidency

In a press conference, Minister of Interior Mohammad Mostafa Najjar has confirmed that moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani has won a first-round victory in the Presidential election. Rouhani received 18,613,329 votes. The press conference is ongoing and live on Press TV.

1549 GMT: Election Maths – Rouhani Only Needs 45% of Remaining Votes to Avoid Runoff

Time for some maths — if we assume that the total number of votes cast in yesterday’s presidential election was 40 million (roughly 79% turnout) then Hassan Rouhani needs 3,586,719 more votes to add to his current 16,413,281 to reach a total of 20 million — the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. Therefore Rouhani only requires approximately 45% of the remaining 8 million votes to win outright.

1545 GMT: Rafsanjani: Iran Held Most Democratic Election In The World

Former Hashemi Rafsanjani tweets: “Iran held the most democratic election in the world, and its enemies cannot enter into any doubt about that”. “I hope the President-elect will employ all his efforts and might to fulfill his promises and solve the people’s problems”.



1543 GMT: A Rouhani Celebration?

Thomas Erdbrink of The New York Times says the victory party, despite regime discouragement, has begun:



1539 GMT: Regime Meeting Before Final Results Announced

Yeganeh Torbati of Reuters reports:


1502 GMT: Rafsanjani “Most Democratic Election In World”

Former presidential Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani praised the high voter turnout (over 32 million votes have been counted so far) for ‘carrying out their obligation’ and suggested that they had not been swayed by negative propaganda. Rafsanjani stated that the ‘if enemies of Iran have any decency they must accept Iran held the most democratic election in the world and cannot cast any doubt on it’. This is perhaps an implicit reference to the disputed 2009 election, which Rafsanjani himself questioned, creating a rift between him and the Supreme Leader. As it stands, the moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani is far ahead in the polls; if he wins over 50% of votes there will be no second round and he will replace the incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as president — currently he is on 50.99%.

1450 GMT: Latest Tally – Rouhani Maintains 50.99% Lead; 318,000 Above 50%

The latest results show that over 32 million votes have been counted so far — that is approximately 64% of the total 50.5 million eligible voters. Hassan Rouhani continues to maintain his extremely comfortable lead over his rival candidates with 16.4 million votes (50.99%) — 318,000 over the 50% threshold required to avoid a runoff next Friday. Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf remains in second place with over 5 million votes (15.76%). Saeed Jalili, who for most of the day was trailing in fourth, has maintained his position in third with 3.67 million votes (11.39%). Mohsen Rezaei, who surprised many by overtaking Jalili earlier in the day, remains close behind him on 3.59 million votes (11.16%). Ali Akbar Velayati and Mohammad Gharazi continue to trail far behind on 1.97 million (6.12%) and 390,000 votes (1.22%), respectively.

1431 GMT: Larijani “Iran won’t attend Geneva II if Israel invited”

Ali Larijani, speaker of the majlis, has announced unequivocally that “if Israel takes part in the Geneva II Conference, Iran will never participate in it.” He stated that the violence and crisis in Syria “serves the interests of the Israeli Zionist regime and other western states” and therefore Israel has no place at the conference. Iran has been supporting the Assad regime since the outbreak of the civil war and has been described by Walid Al-Zaabi, a member of the Syrian Parliament, as a “true friend.”

1427 GMT: Basij Praise “Political Epic”

The Basij, the paramilitary volunteer militia group, has issued a statement congratulating the Iranian people and the Supreme Leader for creating a “political epic”:

The presence of millions of Iranian men and women throughout the world at the ballot box and the maximum participation of the wise and aware Iranian nation has once again proven to the world the righteousness of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the deep bond between the ‘Ommat’ and ‘Imamate’ [Islamic people and their religious leaders]. The 24th of Khordad (June 14) was a political epic and a day that will be recorded in the annals of the Revolution, as it thrust the vote of confidence of the people for their Iranian Islamic electoral system in the face of those lying Western claimants of freedom and liberal democracy, highlighting the deep bonds and affection of the Ummat for the Velayat.’


1412 GMT: Aref “Hope For a Better Tomorrow”

Former reformist presidential candidate, Mohammad Reza Aref, has issued a statement saying “Today all Iranians, of all tribes, religions, currents, and ideologies, have a part in this epic, and we must not forget that the factor behind this unity and participation was ‘hope,’ hope for a better tomorrow.” Like many other prominent figures, Aref’s use of the word “epic” echoes the Supreme Leader’s exhortation to the Iranian people to produce a “political epic.” The statement went on to add, “I hope that this participation is the start of a new season of solidarity, Reformism, and ethics in the shadow of rationality and moderation, and that the next government will be able to bring about a better tomorrow for dear Islamic Iran.”

1405 GMT: Authorities Warn “Hostile Groups”

Thomas Erdbrink of the New York Times writes that authorities have issued a warning to “hostile groups” not to “stir trouble” after the election.


1310 GMT: Limiting Any Victory Celebrations

Amid reports that candidates have agreed to forego any victory parties, Thomas Erdbrink of The New York Times writes about the lack of atmosphere — by choice or by force — at Hassan Rouhani’s headquarters:



1307 GMT: Latest Tally – Rouhani Leads On 50.8 %; 223,000 Above 50%

With 27.5 million votes counted, with Hassan Rouhani maintains his lead on 14 million votes although his share has slipped slightly to 50.8%. Rouhani has nearly 223,000 votes over the 50% he requires for an outright victory without the need for a runoff vote next Friday. Elsewhere the situation remains much the same with Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf in second with 4.37 million votes (15.84%). However, Saeed Jalili has now overtaken Mohsen Rezaei into third place with 3,163,211 votes (11.46%). Rezaei, now in fourth, has 3,129,444 votes (11.34%).

1239 GMT: Rouhani Wins in Mashhad

The religious city of Mashhad, the second-largest in Iran, experienced a turnout of 62%. Hassan Rouhani had the most votes with 498,002 followed by Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf with 442,071 votes. Saeed Jalili took third place with roughly half the amount of votes on 222,971. Ali Akbar Velayati, who has already conceded defeat, received 74,781 votes while Mohsen Rezaei finished in fifth place with 53,915.

Jalili Quotes Khomeini

As the votes are counted — and as he stays in fourth place, behind independent candidate Mohsen Rezaei — Presidential candidate Saeed Jalili finds solace in the words of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini:


1146 GMT: Rafsanjani Urges Winner to Keep Promises

Former president Hashemi Rafsanjani and Chairman of the Expediency Council opened today’s session by expressing his hope that whichever candidate wins can “put all of his efforts into keeping the promises made and resolving the people’s problems […]” and that “he can solve domestic and foreign policy problems, based on the country’s interests and the demands of the absolute majority of the people.” He also thanked all Iranians for not having “succumbed to domestic and foreign publicity” against the election and for having created “the political epic called for by the Leader.”

1130 GMT: Latest Tally – Rouhani Leads On 51.07%; 246,000 Above 50%

The results of 23 million votes have so far been disclosed, with Hassan Rouhani extending his lead to 11.75 million votes (51.07%). He now has close to 247,000 votes over the 50% he requires for an outright victory without the need for a runoff vote next Friday. Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf remains second with 3.49 million votes (15.19%). Mohsen Rezaei slips slightly in third place with just over 2.7 million votes (11.83%), while Saeed Jalili holds steady in fourth on 2.59 million votes (11.27%).

1116 GMT: Gharazi Concedes Defeat

Presidential candidate and former oil minister Mohammad Gharazi has issued a statement conceding defeat in which he congratulates “the people and the Leader for creating an epic.” He added, “I congratulate the elected president and ask almighty God for his success in realizing the Iranian nation’s demands, meaning an economic, social, and political climate necessary for expanding the Iranian nation’s republican and Islamic natures.”

1110 GMT: Rouhani Wins in Qom Province

Hassan Rouhani has the highest number of votes in the important religious province of Qom. Rouhani won 37% of a total 544,092 (77% turnout). Saeed Jalili came second with 22%, while Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf received 16.5%.

1106 GMT: Aref To Be Rouhani’s Vice-President If He Wins

Speculation has begun about who Hassan Rouhani would ask to join his administration is he wins the election, with Abas Aslani, general director of Fars News, suggesting Mohammad Reza Aref would become Rouhani’s Vice President. He also suggests Rouhani could select defeated presidential candidate Ali Akbar Velayati as his Foreign Minister.


1047 GMT: Interior Minister “Results No Later Than End of Day”

Interior Minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, has declared that the results of yesterday’s presidential election will be announced no later than the end of today.

1019 GMT: Regime Unwilling To Announce Rouhani Victory?

Rumours are circulating that government officials acknowledge that Hassan Rouhani has won yesterday’s election outright with over the 50% required to avoid a runoff but that the regime is unwilling to announce the result just yet.


1015 GMT: Velayati Concedes Defeat

Presidential candidate and senior advisor to the Supreme Leader, Ali Akbar Velayati, has released a concession statement saying he had entered the presidential race to offer his solutions for “the existing problems in the domestic and international spheres,” adding that “the weight of this heavy responsibility has been lifted from my shoulders, but I am content to have placed my capital before the nation, and thus to have carried out my duty.” Velayati wished continued success for the remaining candidates, whom he referred to as “rivals and friends, who are all figures at the service of the regime.” He also praised the Iranian people for having “responded to the wise Leader’s call” to create a political epic.

0959 GMT: Latest Tally – Rouhani 80,000 Votes Above 50%

With 16.7 million votes counted, Hassan Rouhani’s lead has slightly increased again with over 8.4 million votes, making his share of the total — which had dropped to 50.03% at the last county — 50.48%. Due to the announcement that the winner needs 50% of all votes case (including spoiled ballots), Rouhani is now 81,000 votes above the threshold that would require a runoff next Friday. Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf remains second with his share of the votes dipping slightly again, with 2.56 million votes (15.31%). Mohsen Rezaei holds steady in third place with just over 2.1 million votes (12.57%), while Saeed Jalili is dropping further behind on 1.89 million votes (11.31%).

0922 GMT: Winner Needs 50% of All Votes Cast, Valid and Spoiled

In an interesting development, General Director for the Interior Ministry Election Office, Hossein Ali Nuri, has said that total votes cast are used to determine the victor. The winner therefore needs to get 50% of all votes cast (i.e. valid votes and spoiled ballots). The latest figures show that there are 405,560 spoiled ballots — a potentially very significant amount. This new information means that all candidates share of the overall vote will decrease slightly — Hassan Rouhani is now on the slightly lower figure of 50.03%; Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf is on 15.25%; and in third place Mohsen Rezaei is on 12.56%. Saeed Jalili has 11.58% of the total vote, while Ali Akbar Velayati has 6.03% and Mohammad Gharazi has 1.19%.

0845 GMT: Tabnak: It Was More Necessary Than Bread To Beat Principlism

The Tabnak website, close to independent candidate Mohsen Rezaei — currently coming third in the polls ahead of the Supreme Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati — writes this morning that “it was necessary to beat principlism — more necessary than bread!”. “The principlist movement was inefficient,” Tabnak writes. “It must understand that it has to be accountable”.

0835 GMT: Aref Calls Rouhani To Congratulate Him

Former Presidential candidate and reformist politician Mohammad-Reza Aref, who withdrew from the race in favor of the moderate Hassan Rouhani, has said he contacted Rouhani to congratulate him on his election success.

Aref said he told Rouhani that he had the political consensus to meet the people’s legitimate demands.

0830 GMT: Latest Tally – Rouhani Maintains Leads, Over 51%

With about 12 million votes counted, Hassan Rouhani has slightly increased his lead with over 6 million votes (51.77%). Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf remains second although his share of the votes has slipped slightly, with 1.8 million votes (15.78%). Mohsen Rezaei is in third place with just over 1.5 million votes (13%), while Saeed Jalili is close behind with 1.4 million votes (12%). Meanwhile, Ali Akbar Velayati has 729,000 votes (6.2%) and Mohammad Gharazi has 143,000 votes (1.22%).

0820 GMT: Latest Tally – Rouhani Just Over 50%

With more than 9.8 million votes counted, Hassan Rouhani maintains his lead with just over 5 million votes (50.75%). Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf remains second, with 1.58 million votes (16%). As for the rest of the pack, Mohsen Rezaei is in third place with nearly 1.3 million votes (13.17%), while Saeed Jalili is close behind with 1.23 million votes (12.47%). Meanwhile, Ali Akbar Velayati has 621,000 votes (6.3%) and Mohammad Gharazi has 124,000 votes (1.26%).

0739 GMT: Supreme Leader Continues To Emphasize Legitimacy Of Vote

The Supreme Leader’s Office has continued to tweet about the legitimacy of the election, blaming the popular demonstrations after the disputed 2009 election on “Western propaganda”:



0725 GMT: Latest Tally — Rouhani Still Over 50%

With more than 9.2 million votes counted — almost a quarter of the total — Hassan Rouhani has more than 5 million (54%). Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf is failing to gain ground, with more than 1.58 million votes. Mohsen Rezaei has moved into third place, with almost 1.3 million votes, passing Saeed Jalili with less than 1.23 million.

0715 GMT: Head of Basij “Our Tsunami Has Crushed the US”

The head of the Basij militia, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, has declared, “The great tsunami of the Iranian nation has crushed the White House and has shown…that which our enemies have predicted and wished for has turned out to be futile.”

0645 GMT: Supreme Leader: All Is Well, I Am The Winner

The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, addresses the election results on Saturday morning by saying that it doesn’t actually matter who Iranians voted for, because every vote was a vote for him:


Nevertheless, Khamenei also called for Iranians to be kind to each other, and “avoid any suspicious speech”, in other words about whether the election was rigged or not.


0636 GMT: Mohsen Rezaei Ahead of Supreme Leader’s Aide

One of the surprising successes — at least so far — is independent candidate Mohsen Rezaei, who has won a far greater number of votes than the Supreme Leader’s top aide, Ali Akbar Velayati.

Rezaei, whose campaign focussed on ordinary Iranians and their problems, has changed his Facebook profile picture, perhaps to reflect his success:

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 7.29.16 AM

0628 GMT Kayhan: World, Enemies Astonished By Political Epic

Hardline Kayhan News — close to the Supreme Leader’s Office — headlines this morning by making the election all about the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

The Climax of a Political Epic — The World Was Stunned Again: The People Heeded The Supreme Leader’s Call

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 7.08.53 AM

According to Kayhan, it was the Supreme Leader’s role as helmsman that resulted in Iran’s enemies being surprised the unparalleled epic of Friday’s voting — despite “widespread propaganda” by “foreigners”.

Latest Tally: Rouhani Extends Lead

With another set of votes declared, Hassan Rouhani has more than 4.12 million (51.6%). Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf is a distant second with more than 1.34 million (16.8%).

Saeed Jalili has almost 1.06 million votes and Mohsen Rezaei has more than 902,000.

State Media: Don’t Say “Rouhani”, Say “Political Epic”

Press TV has spent five minutes on the latest in the Presidential election. However, after giving the latest vote total, they did not refer to the surprising performance of moderate Hassan Rouhani.

Instead, the State outlet focused on the high voter turnout, featuring a California academic who declared the success of the Islamic Republic and said, “I wish we could have this in America.”

Rouhani Pulls Farther Ahead

With the release of another 1.3 million votes — making a total of 6.6 million out of an expected 40 million ballots — Hassan Rowhani now has 50.4% of the count, with Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf trailing at 19%.

Rowhani has almost 3.2 million votes. Qalibaf has just under 1.1 million, and Saeed Jalili has almost 870,000, and Mohsen Rezaei, the former head of the Revolutionary Guards, just over 700,000.

Meat in Britain Overtakes The Presidential Election

What is State outlet Press TV broadcasting as the vote is being counted? A special programme on the poor standard of meat production in the United Kingdom.

Why is the Vote Count So Slow?

Why do we have less than 15% of the vote counted so far?

Hours ago, before any votes were declared but as the leading candidate Hassan Rouhani was summoned to the Ministry of Interior, an EA correspondent in Iran wrote, “One theory [for the lack of news] is that officials are phasing out the results of a first-round Rouhani victory to avoid ‘victory parties’.”

That theory looks pretty good right now.

Rouhani Far Ahead, But Will He Win Majority?

Throughout Friday, the question as Iranians voted in the first round of the Presidential election was which two of the six candidates would make it to the final vote.

As we begin this morning, a different, surprising question has taken over: will the moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani win outright in the first round?

With almost 5.4 million votes counted, Rouhani — allowed to run when his ally, former President Hashemi Rafsanjani — was disqualified, has 50.6% of the official vote. His nearest challenger, Tehran Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, has 16.8%, with chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili polling at 12.5%.

No locations were given by the Ministry of Interior, but separate reports from some districts — such as areas of West Azerbailjan, Mazandaran, and Isfahan Provinces point to a turnout of more than 75%. That would mean at least 40 million ballots were cast among the more than 50 million eligible voters.

The outcome is already stunning. A Rouhani surge in the last week of the campaign gave him a good chance of making the run-off — especially with the Supreme Leader, the principlists, and other leading regime factions unable to confirm a “unity” candidate — but the expectation was that he would meet Qalibaf in the run-off, where he would struggle to defeat the Tehran Mayor and a unified principlist vote.

Moreover, we asked if Rouhani would be allowed to get through the first round, given the regime’s banning of Rafsanjani and its warnings over “sedition” and the 2009 Presidential election, or if the count would be manipulated.

That question appears to have evaporated. Instead, we watch to see if Iran has a surprising outcome with a new, “moderate” President by this evening.

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