Podcast: UK-Italy-US Review — Grenfell Inquiry, Brexit Split, New Government in Rome, Trump’s China Tariff Retreat

Grenfell Tower ablaze, London, June 14, 2017 (AFP)

In a review opening the week, I spoke with Julia Hartley-Brewer of talkRADIO about headline political issues in the UK, Italy, and the US.

Listen to Discussion from 6:53 in 0630-0700 Segment

The discussion begins with a look at hearings on the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017 which killed 72 people, and the difficult path ahead for regulations, expenditure, and accountability to ensure that the disaster is not repeated.

There is a chat about a possible showdown within the UK Government between Prime Minister Theresa May and her “Brexiteer” ministers challenging her line on future economic arrangements with the European Union.

From there, it’s across to Italy to look at the unprecedented coalition in Italy between the Five Star Movement and the right-wing League — and to explain why this does not mean Rome is following London out of the EU.

Finally, we consider Donald Trump’s sudden retreat from tariffs on China and ask if the President is “all mouth and no trousers”.

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Scott Lucas is Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham and editor-in-chief of EA WorldView. He is a specialist in US and British foreign policy and international relations, especially the Middle East and Iran. Formerly he worked as a journalist in the US, writing for newspapers including the Guardian and The Independent and was an essayist for The New Statesman before he founded EA WorldView in November 2008.


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