As Donald Trump gives a rambling interview proclaiming “No Collusion” and saying he will soon be exonerated in the Trump-Russia inquiry, I spoke with Natalie Allen of CNN International on Friday morning.

Take-away points:

*Despite Trump’s apparent shift in saying Special Counsel Robert Mueller will treat him fairly, Trump is warning that he can limit the investigation — “He is saying he controls the Justice Department” — and his allies will continue attempts to undermine Mueller’s team and the FBI.

*”Make no mistake about this. If he is not exonerated soon, we’ll get back to the angered, frustrated Trump.”

*Trump’s interview in part is from White House lawyers “trying to calm him down” by saying he will be cleared soon.

But reality is a much more complicated proposition. Donald Trump is not operating with reality here; he’s operating with the wishes in his head. When those wishes don’t come true, then we’re at another critical point.

“”Trump’s continued demands for loyalty could constitute obstruction of justice.”

The interview begins at the 1:26 mark: