1. Aaand, fittingly enough, the hapless puppet Hariri, lately of Lebanon, merits nary a passing mention, even after committing treason against the nation of which he was puppet-PM by reading aloud that ludicrous but rabidly warmonglerish MBS-script on live TV.

    Going one better than mere Stockholm-syndrome, this loathsome grub first delivered himself into the hands of his Saud kidnappers, who, following his miserable but mercifully brief acting career, have now slung him in jail along with the rest of their recently ‘retired’ ‘royalty’. A novel political manoeuvre born of sheer slavishness, this phenomenon will henceforth be known as Harari-syndrome, but will probably not become a thing.

    Like fly-shit on a lamp, he is merely rubbed out and forgotten as quickly as humanly possible.

    However, it bodes ill for the future of Lebanon, which, after their embarrassing failure in Syria, is evidently being lined up as the next target for destruction by the butthurt Netanyahudnik/Saud/Yanki combine.

    • Hariri committed treason and yet the Iranian controlled puppet group called Hezbollah, who takes their orders from Tehran, is just A-ok. Yeah, ok. Your barefaced hypocrisy is as amusing as ever. Never change. LOL.

        • You’re mistaken. I’m just laughing at you and how your failed ideology blinds you. I mean Hezbollah has actually assassinated and slaughtered their fellow countrymen at the behest of foreign powers and yet here you are predictably crying about Hariri. LOL.

          • 1. It is irrefutable that you just stated that “Hariri committed treason“, in line with my opening comment. Hence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKxuAaQBnQU

            2. I am advocating that Hariri be dragged back to Lebanon and hanged in accordance with the law for his blatant treason and cowardice in the face of the enemy, which is =/= “crying about Hariri”, at least for those who are keeping up.

            • Irrefutable eh Paddy? It’s called being facetious. And it hilarious to see you so outraged by the alleged “treason” committed by Hariri and yet so quiet about all the assassinations carried out by Hezbollah terrorists at the behest of foreign powers, including Hariri’s own father. LOL. Keep trying.

              • I am neither outraged nor surprised by how Hariri has dishonourably handled himself; as a Saud puppet of long standing it was only to be expected that he would never break the mould.

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