Podcast: Sense and Political Nonsense Around New York City Attack


I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Globalist on Thursday morning about the New York City attack, in which eight people were killed on Tuesday, and Donald Trump’s political exploitation of the event.

The discussion begins with a review of what we know and don’t know about Sayfullo Saipov, Tuesday’s assailant, and the efforts of law enforcement to ascertain if he acted alone. It then moves to Trump’s Twitter and press conference diatribes from the call to end an immigration program to the denuncation of a “joke” criminal justice system to his demands for the use of the Guantanamo Bay military detention facility and the death penalty.

It’s Trump’s bad political jazz….He is taking a very tragic event and playing to hard-right or alt-right views among what he considers to be his base and hoping to take control of the narrative.

The discussion concludes with the question, “What can the rest of America do?”

Listen from 1:44:

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  1. The solution to this problem is obviously to revert to those happier times when bicycle paths, insofar as they existed at all, were at most three feet wide.

    BTW, that Baghdadi-beard with shorn moustache and waving around of the paintball gun in hopes of instant martyrdom in a fusillade of cop bullets just scream innocent Über-driver who took a wrong turn. Sayfullo’s been punished enough already, it could’ve happened to anybody!

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