Podcast: After the Texas Mass Killing — “Nothing Will Be Done”


I spoke with BBC Radio Coventry yesterday about Sunday’s mass killing at a Texas church which left 26 people dead and dozens wounded, including 10 in critical condition.

The stark assessment — a repeat of the analysis after the October 1 shootings in Las Vegas that killed 58 people, after the Orlando nightclub shootings that killed 49 people in June 2016, after the Sandy Hook killings of 26 children and teachers in December 2012: “Nothing will be done” to limit, let alone prevent, more episodes that will take their place among “deadliest shootings” in US history.

There’s no political will….It gets a bit tiring to hear President Trump and other politicians say “thoughts and prayers” when this is becoming a ritual almost every couple of weeks.

If you believe in thoughts and prayers, then why don’t you believe in action as well to stop this pandemic?

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  1. Scott, if you could make any law that you wanted to (constitutional) that would make a material difference in “safety” for the average American, what would it be? That is the problem that our Congress has. Murder is already against the law. Women have know forever that if they are threatened by a husband or boyfriend that there is nothing they can legally do until he commits a crime…threatening to kill your wife is “freedom of speech.” A restraining order just makes him more likely to murder you. A legal gun owner, well trained (actually an NRA instructor) stopped the carnage in Texas before it got worse. If someone in the church (trained and armed) had been able to react quickly, results might have been different. Maybe what we need is some criminal penalties for people who make threats. Too often they carry them out. Abusers of women, animals and kids head the list. Bullies should be dealt with in some way. I am just not sure what law could be passed that would be constitutional that can help the situation. Maybe that second amendment does have some possibilities that should be explored. Could we pass a law that would stop criminals from possessing illegal firearms? Maybe there is a place for stop and frisk…

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