Syria Daily: Pro-Assad Forces Close on ISIS-Held City in East

Pro-Assad forces in Deir ez-Zor Province in eastern Syria, September 2017

Regime military: “We will continue operations until we eliminates ISIS and drive what’s left of them out of [Deir ez-Zor] province.”


Turkey’s Erdoğan Declares Start of Operations in Idlib in NW Syria

Trying to clear ISIS from its remaining major positions in eastern Syria — and racing a Kurdish-led force to do so — pro-Assad units closed on the city of Mayadin near the Iraq border on Friday.

The media outlet of Hezbollah, a foreign ally of the regime, said the pro-Assad advance is within 10 km (6.2 miles) of the city and has taken positions parallel with a key road. Other pro-Assad outlets said the regime army and foreign militias, supported by Russian airstrikes, had occupied grain silos and entered the ruins of a castle on the western edge of Mayadin.

“The Syrian army is continuing to strike the terrorist Daesh (Islamic State) group fiercely in Deir ez-Zor and its surroundings…and will continue its operations until it eliminates (Daesh) and drive what’s left of them out of this province,” a regime military source said.

The pro-Assad offensive, moving rapidly to the east, entered Deir ez-Zor Province at the start of September. It broke a three-year ISIS siege of Deir ez-Zor city and the nearby military base.

However, last week ISIS counter-attacked, not only regaining towns and villages south of Deir ez-Zor city but also driving back into eastern Homs Province and claiming the town of Qaryatayn.

Throughout this week, the regime military has proclaimed its return to the offensive between Deir ez-Zor and Mayadin, 45 km (28 miles) to the south, along the Euphrates River.

On Friday it also asserted that it had cleared the last remaining ISIS positions in eastern Homs Province. The military sources and State media are still silent about Qaryatayn.

The pro-Assad units are also facing a possible showdown with the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who closed on Deir ez-Zor city from the north and east. Tensions have risen as the pro-Assad offensive and Russia defied a SDF demand not to cross the Euphrates to the eastern bank, with the SDF twice accusing Russian warplane of bombing their positions.

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  1. “”
    As fine an example of propaganda and lies as you are likely to see anywhere. Study this one, not for its ‘facts’, but to help understand how the Internet is being used to spread disinformation.

    • “We will assist the new joint presidency to achieve success, because success is not an individual personal success, but the collective success of the party and ideas and ideology,”

      Collective success of the party and ideas and ideology, there you have it, the religious dogma intact.

    • Why did he have to “step down”? In democracy, you do not “step down”. Your term expires and you cease to be an official. A huge difference. He is doing no one a favor by stepping down, because if his term has already expired, then he is illegitimate and that is not democracy.

      Obviously Amir of Gaza Strip, never having attended a civics class, but having loaded up on critical theory, gender intersecionism, and postcolonial studies, doesn’t know how democracy works.

  2. Seed development and propagation centre in the Derik region distribute 3,350 tons of wheat seeds and fertilizer to farmers in the area 10/4/2017

    JINWAR an ecological women’s village in Rojava […]

    In the midst of the ongoing Syrian civil war, women are building an ecological women’s village in the heart of Rojava called JINWAR Free Women’s Village.
    JINWAR aims to provide an alternative, peaceful place for the co-existence of women, free of any and all violence. 8/14/2017

    Co-chairs of communes begin work in Hesekê […]

    HESEKÊ –Communal Co-chairs elected in Hesekê city of Cizre Region vowed and began work.

    Executive Council of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria organized a meeting with Communal Co-chairs, who were elected on September 22, 2017 in Hesekê. Executive Council Co-chairs Foza Yusif and Senherib Bersum met up with communal co-chairs of Nasra, Kelase, Mişerfa, Sifeya and Til Tewil neighborhoods. Foza Yusif congratulated co-chairs and said, “You were elected as the people’s representatives. For this reason, you must stand up for their rights.”

    Foza stated that the communes are important for common life and for fraternity of the peoples within the frame of democratic nation and that the communal co-chairs elections is a step towards the construction of the federation system. 10/2/2017

    • Looks like YPG is more busy creating committees and communes, than it has bothered to build a country. When is Rojava going to have a constitution? Do you idiots know that a Charter of Rights and a Constitution is the first step in building a state? Have you announced elections for a Constituent Assembly?

      Of course they know. But why bother. Apo’s doodle book is as good as any constitution. You know the book that says “liberalism is a disease, and nature is holy? That people who rule should be subjective?

  3. Roza Salih, co-founder of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, tells CommonSpace how the new governance system established in Rojava, Northern Syria, is revolutionary in more ways than one. 10/5/2017

    Since the outbreak of civil rebellions against Assad in 2011, a little known self-governing administration in Northern Syria led by the Kurds has established a radical form of direct democracy based on principles of gender, class and race equality and ecological sustainability. It is their defence forces, YPG and the women-only YPJ, with the help of US Coalition air-cover, which have been winning the epic battle against ISIS in Raqqa. This northern region has been relatively the most peaceful part of Syria. The model of society that they have created could be a template for the whole of Syria. Their voice is missing from the Geneva talks. 10/6/2017

    Halaf Muhammed (nom de guerre Dijwar) fought against Assad regime, ISIS, Al-Nusra Front and Turkish supported gangs throughout Syrian civil war. Now he is a commander of a Syrian opposition group, Jaysh Al-Thuwar (Army of Revolutionaries). Muhammed was taken captive by Al Nusra and survived brutal tortures by the group.

    Muhammed says they reject the Astana agreement which divides Idlib into three parts and called the move a plot against Idlib. 10/5/2017

    • “Roza Salih, co-founder of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, tells CommonSpace how the new governance system established in Rojava, Northern Syria, is revolutionary in more ways than one.”

      Lol – western leftists having very little to cling to are now wetting their pants that there is a Marxist-Bookchin-Self-Whatever power forming in Rojava. Of course they turn a blind eye to the fact that the US is allowing it to happen in the first place. No, they would say, US is there just to exploit the Kurds and get a free ride and should be jettisoned.

  4. “The model of society that they have created could be a template for the whole of Syria”, “Jineology, or the science of women”, etc.

    Sentimental fantasies coupled with ignorance about the true genesis of political institutions (e.g the sacred belief that society and its institutions can be changed and politically organized by means of pure reason) are the main trademark of an specific western ideological train of thought tought wich can be traced at least to the french revolution.

    This tradition was very clearly exposed by the israeli historian J. L. Talmon in his book “The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy”:

    “The remarkable merit of Talmon is to have shown that “democracy” is not the absolutely wondrous political recipe for the solution of all problems. Since the time of the French Revolution, a current of thought has advocated and practiced what Talmon calls “totalitarian democracy”.

    The most evident sign of totalitarian democracy is the fact that “it treats all human thought and action as having social significance, and therefore as falling within the orbit of political action.” So the space for personal decisions is continuously narrowed and politics (i.e. political men) reigns supreme. Politics becomes the new religion(**) and it could very well be seen as the new “opium of the people.”

    • (**)

      “The Öcalan liberation movement is designed to implement democracy in several forms. The people are involved themselves in decision making,” Salih explains. “If you think of a local council election, someone has to be elected to be involved. With democratic confederalism, there isn’t any system excluding people from power.”

      • The other book wich deals with the same subject is Lord Percy’s The Heresy of Democracy:

        “one can trace a rather direct line of descent from Rousseau to Marx and Lenin. Second, he continued, another line can be drawn directly from the French revolutionaries to the regimes of Hitler and Stalin.”

        Öcalan´s ideology (of purely western origin) is exaclty on the same path. It basically requires its adherents to believe that human society (and thus human nature) can be reconstituted “ex-nihilo” by means of the magical properties of the legislative and political process (based on abstract tought and dispensing with the bonds of the past). They fail to understand that human institutions are in itself a result and no a cause.

        After the failure of the experiment there will be another sort of totalitarianism or in the best case (if the yankee decide to stay) a regression to more traditional and organic forms of government.

        • Once the dangers of Assad and Putin are abated in Syria, the Yankees need to implement a regime change in Rojava. This party of filth PYD needs to be destroyed. The most significant damage that Erdo’an has done to the Kurds is that he has not executed Ojalan. Erdo’an instinctually knows that Ojalan is bad for the Kurds and good for Turkish nationalism. No Turk will support the Kurds as long as this douche Ojalan rules. Kurdish Backwardism.

    • Well said. Sort of like “Backwardian Democracy” where an executive elected by 50.0001% of the vote can go and arrest and execute anyone from the 49.999% in the name of democracy.

      Of course for these totalitarian idealists, they do not mean logic by “pure reason”, and of course not empiricism. They mean to “rationalize”. Anything can be justified under their rule, and any value can be assigned a right or wrong, good or bad.

  5. Andre – more evidence is coming out that the Las Vegas shooter was a leftwing anti-American nut. He believed in conspiracy theory and that 9/11 was masterminded by the US government. I believe that is what you have said here before.

    • more evidence is coming out that the Las Vegas shooter was a leftwing anti-American nut

      Yeah the whole gambling addict and gun fanaticism really squares with the whole left wing anti-American profile

      Precious little evidence has come out from what I have read. Seems they haven’t got any idea what his motive was.

      He believed in conspiracy theory and that 9/11 was masterminded by the US government.

      Isn’t that Alex Jones Alt Right territory?

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