The controversy over Donald Trump’s belated response to the killing of four US Green Berets in Niger continues, fed by Trump’s aggressive responses to latest developments.

On Monday, Trump effectively said the widow of one of the Green Berets, Sergeant La David T. Johnson, was lying when she confirmed the account of a call in which Trump called her husband “your guy” and said “he knew what he signed for”.

See TrumpWatch, Day 277: Trump — Widow of Slain Green Beret is Lying

I spoke on Monday with BBC Radio Wales and on Tuesday with Austria’s Radio FM4. The latter discussion goes beyond the phone call to consider the wider — and largely unknown story — behind the presence of US forces in northern Africa.

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Can Donald Trump do anything that will erode that vocal minority of Americans who support him? He thrives on confrontation, he thrives on my way or the highway, and when he’s cornered, he lashed out at people.

I think this will erode in the end his wider chances of leading the US, but for now we’ve got former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, and others saying that this is damaging America.

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