Developing: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated in Ankara


UPDATE 2030 GMT: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin appear to have closed ranks over the consequences of the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

Erdoğan said, “This provocative terror attack is aimed at damaging normalization of ties between Russia and Turkey.” He announced that Ankara has agreed to a joint investigation with Moscow.

Putin indicated that recent cooperation with Turkey, including tomorrow’s Russian-Turkish-Iranian meeting in Moscow, will not be affected, as he denounced a “provocation aimed at undermining Syria peace process”.

A Turkish senior official also tried to turn attention to the movement of cleric Fethullah Gulen, accused of the July attempt to overthrow Erdoğan. He said that the killer of the Russian Ambassador had ties to the Gulenists.

UPDATE 1830 GMT: Turkish media have identified the assassin as Mevlut Mert Altintas, a member of the police’s special operatons unit in #Ankara.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to brief him about the shooting, according to pro-Erdoğan outlet Daily Sabah.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: The Russian Ambassador to Turkey has been shot and killed while visiting a photo exhibition at an Ankara art gallery.

The gunman attacked Andrey Karlov as the Ambassador was speaking at the exhibition. Shot eight times, Karlov died in hospital soon after the assault.

The gunman, reportedly an off-duty policeman, was subsequently killed by police.

The assassin shouted:

Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria. Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria.

You will not taste safety unless our fields are safe. Only death can get me out of here.

Whoever has a share in this tyranny will pay for it one by one.


Russian, Iranian, and Turkish officials, including Foreign and Defense Ministers, are due to discuss Syria in Moscow on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — who brokered the removals agreement that was renewed for the third time on Sunday, overcoming initial Iranian objections — conferred again by phone.

Putin also spoke with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

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  1. Allegedly gunman was a gulenist policeman. I feel pity for these brainwashed people. They are being exploited in the worst way. They consider themselves in the service of Islam but actually serving the US. This event shows again how evil the gulen gang is.

    • The last thing gulenists care about is Halab. They were the ones criticising erdogan for helping islamist rebels, they were the ones who stopped the trucks carrying arms to rebels they were the ones trying to portray erdogan as an isis supporter. They were the ones who vowed to send back the syrian refugees in turkey. Had this poor young man thought critically he wouldn’t obey his masters but alas..

      • The body isn’t even cold yet and Turks are trying to blame Gulenists. LOL. Still waiting on ANY evidence Gulen was involved in the attempted coup BTW. For some reason Turkey can’t seem to present any solid evidence.

      • @bs as by creating tension between turkey and russia.

        @kevin gulenists are not some alien people that nobody knows about them. They live among the turkish society and thousands of people including me witnessed that they participated in the coup attempt. Just one example for you. Search Adil Oksuz on google pics and you will find his photos together with gulen and also photos taken when he was caught in akindji base. You figure out what would be the business of a civilian who is very close to gulen at the night of the coup at a jet base.

        • The “people just know” argument is not credible evidence. It’s much more likely that Erdogan simply used the opportunity to blame a convenient political foe and make mass arrests. The lack of actual evidence implicating Gulen is not surprising.

    • M. M. A’s Gulen links:

      * He went to a Gulen school when he was preparing university entrance exam.

      * He entered police college in 2012 at which time Gulenists had complete control over the police.

      * Fugitive Gulenist Abdullah Bozkurt wrote on twitter that foreign ambassadors were not safe in turkey just 3 days before the assassination.

      • So, Mr Bozkurt is quite prescient, eh? And why would he warn in advance if secretly hoping the Gülenist false-flag operation would come off successfully a few days later? Again, this AKP arse-covering story makes no sense no matter how it is spun … methinks the Vladster smiles away while carefully planning a painful but not directly attributable counterstrike upon the tender interests of his dear ‘friend’ Tayyip.

        • Bozkurt’s words can’t be counted as warning. He wasn’t specific, he didn’t say which ambassador was the target. He rather started preparing the ground to what was coming. And just after the assassination gulenist accounts started blaming al-nusra like a chorus. AKP has nothing to hide nor to fear from Putin.

  2. Spinsters at work instantly! Who alleges the gulenists???

    It looks and sounds like Putin’s chickens came home to roost….

      • Yes, the two cases are somewhat similar, and Hilary paid for that inaction dearly. Similarly, I believe putin will also pay for his war crimes in syria in time. And your mullahs are biting into something that will choke them

      • No. Wrong Target. Russian targets would be a 1000 percent more justified. What comes around must go around. Down with Russia and the Russian people. fheir crimes in Chechnya, Geogia, Syria, the Crimes and the Eastern Eukraine.

  3. Turks will not be pushed around. The Russians may have Erdogan in their pockets since April to do their bidding and hand them Syria on a plate, but there are many many sincere people in Turkey. You can buy people who sold their religion to the US like Erdogan but the majority you will never own.
    Now Turkish state media wants to paint him as a Gulenist to save Erdogan embarresment when he sends Cavosuglu next week to meet with the Russians and Iranians to finalize the slaughter of Aleppans and Syrians.
    What he did just about every muslim in the world will support and many sincere people everywhere would support it. He is a real hero !!!

    • You seem confused as to whether Erdogan has sold out to Russia or to the USA.
      I think he is just trying to navigate a course that keeps him in power for ever and kills as many Kurds as possible. He might like to become a Caliph.

    • @date palm

      Yeah erdogan had 100 percent control over what happens in syria and russian airpower did not prevail against the rebels and rebels did not have manpower shortage. Treacherous erdogan decided to sell the rebels and offer syria to putin on plate because he sold his religion to US.

      Although it is erdogan whose efforts saved aleppo civilians you have the guts to blame him for their slaughter. Not the rebels who can’t unite, not the US who refused NFZ but erdogan. Your obsession with erdogan is beyond limits.

    • @date palm

      Notice how Mert said “Nahnullazina bayau muhammadan alal jihad” with a broken arabic? It is very very surprising that a turk knows this word and says it in arabic. Because unfortunately most turks (because of the secular education system) don’t speak arabic. Memorize very less from quran and near to zero hadith in arabic.

      Most likely Mert prior to assassination was made to memorize that word to look like a jihadi.

      • What is the significance of the phrase and why would a Gülenist want to look like a JI-Joe anyhow? Haven’t you said they were against Tayyip’s gun-running to the Contra pets in Syria?

        • @Barbar

          Let me clarify it for you. There are two types of gulenists; 1st type, Gulen’s close men, the ones who manage the group. They do not care about syria, halab, muslims, turkey etc. They just do whatever they are ordered by their masters. Most of them live in the US and starting a turko-russian war is what they aim. That’s why I believe US will not return gulen to Turkey until he becomes totally useless.

          2nd type, gullible and sincere ones like Mert. These believe Gulen can contact Prophet (pbuh) and take orders from him in his dreams. They do what they are ordered by their superiors in the jamaat without questioning. These ones still think that July 15 coup attempt was to remove a tyrant who was attacking their jamaat although the putschists made clear that what they aimed was restoring secularism and NATO rule over Turkey.

          The significance of that statement is, it was what companions of Prophet (pbuh) said to prophet while they were preparing for battle of Ahzab. When you look at Mert’s background it is not possible for him to know and memorize this in arabic. At the end of a quick radicalisation process he managed to spell it this much.

          • Thanks, meokur.
            From own researches the statement means “We are those people who took the oath of allegiance to Muhammad; Therefore we shall fight in the way of God as long as we live.” and is a quote from the Prophet’s Companions [including Salman the Persian] who worked loyally by his side to prepare the trench defences of Medina when the small community of Muslims were under threat of overwhelming genocidal attack from an alliance of polytheist Arabs and conspiring Jews, later known as the Battle of the Trench, in 627 a.D.:
            In modern times however it has most famously become a rallying cry for Al Qaeda and kindred souls, encouraging its adherents to stand fast and continue fighting the Kuffar despite impossible odds, until Allah grants the inevitable victory which is the fruit of unbreakable faith.
            What remains a deep mystery to me is why a dyed-in-the-wool Gülenist, who by all accounts should oppose the methodology of AQ in favour of peace with the Kuffar and all tyrants, would think to raise this particular call while shooting down an enemy of theirs?

            • Battle of handaq (trench) is also called battle of ahzab (parties).

              Re. your question, I don’t know why it is to hard for you to understand. As i said prev. it is not his decision to recite that statement. It is the order of his masters. What do you expect from the people who sent him there would make him say; long live fathullat gulen?

          • If it was a false-flag event as Taqqiya Tayyip would have you believe, why do the JI-Joe faction rejoice and claim it, whereas Gülen and all his apprentice sorcerers roundly condemn it?
            “Turkish cleric Nurettin Yıldız, whose preaching believed to have radicalised killer of Russian ambassador, greeted as ‘Commander’ in Samsun”:
            Jaish al-Fatah, a JI-Joe umbrella organisation that encompasses the al-Nusra Front, claims killing of Russian Ambassador:
            In its statement, the group said “one of the heroes of the Jaish al-Fatah, Mert Altıntaş carried out the execution of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara because the world remains silent to what is taking place in Aleppo, no support comes to the Muslims in the Levant and for the victory of the Syrian people.”
            In fact the Russians, and anyone else with half a political wit, after tucking away the insult to their intelligence, literally laugh aloud at Tayyip’s nonsensical blather about Gülen in this case:
            In short, it would very much appear that the “radicalisation process” for Altıntaş, whether quick or slow, was quite genuine unto the point he preferred martyrdom over capture for the JI-Joe cause.

              • About Mert’s sisters interview. You don’t know turkish but interestingly you are so sure that abdullah bozkurt tells you the truth. Funny indeed.

                Actually, in that interview his sister proves my points. First of all she doesn’t wear hijab. She says Mert wasn’t raised in a too much religious environment. She says Mert didn’t know arabic. (My suggestion for you read previous statement twice) She says “I know that he had drink alcohol before joining police.”

                The interview is long, but in short there was no sign of him becoming a jihadi. Had he become a jihadi there would be lots of witnesses like in the case of Rashid Tughral.

            • There are several reasons for those people to rejoice.

              1. Most of them aren’t well informed about gulenists and their intentions. They think this is a work of a genuine group. They like you and date palm are ready to fell victim of propaganda just by one statement spelled with a broken arabic. Just like the gulenists expected.

              2. Even if they know that this is a false flag attack by gulenists to destroy turko-russian relationship, this is not necessarily a bad thing for them. Perhaps they would like turkey to continue her previous policy of “assad must go”

              I see now Gulenist abdullah bozkurt became a trustable source for you. Not surprising. In the past you were quoting from fuat avni, gulen group’s operation account. PKK’s anf news, gulenists fuat avni and lately dawlatu ash shaitan’s amaq are all your favorite when it comes to anti-turkey propaganda.

              • 1. How is the fact that he spoke broken Arabic relevant? I mean if it were perfect Arabic would that make him a legit JI-Joe?
                2. There is literally no evidence it was a Gülenist false-flag attack, except for the weak Red Herring innuendoes spread about by AKP officials fearful of their exposure to Russian retaliation after having incited precisely such an incident.
                3. Whether trustable or not Bozkurt is accurate in that her interview dismantles the official lies.
                4. If the JF ‘claim’ was indeed fake then I was fooled by it, not bragging.

  4. @barbar Yeah you were fooled by that pro-pkk website. Because you just love to be fooled by PKK, Gulen whatever anti turkey terror organisation. That’s why you will continue to be fooled by their lies in the future and continue spreading their propaganda :)

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